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Team SA Paralympic athlete withdrawn from final

Anike Pretorius sustained an injury to her back on Thursday night during the 100m T13 final and after an assessment by Dr Wayne Derman, Chief Medical Officer for Team SA, it was decided in the interest of the athlete’s health to withdraw her from the women’s long jump F13 final on Friday evening.


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  1. Roger

    September 7, 2012 at 8:24 pm

    That’s a real pity! I hope she recovers soon.

    Now when are you going to inform the IPC/LOCOG that they have her name wrong? They call her Johanna Pretorius. The same goes for Charl Bouwer – they call him Charles.
    It’s all over the tv subtitles, commentators and even official announcements and staduim/venue display screens all use the incorrect names!

    Don’t you people care enough about our heroes that you let the whole world get their names wrong?

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