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SASCOC engage IPC over blade issue at Games

SASCOC has engaged with the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) following the controversy over the specifications and use of prosthetic blades used during the T43/44 events at the 2012 Paralympic Games currently underway in London.

Chief Executive Officer of SASCOC, Mr Tubby Reddy corresponded with the IPC on behalf of Team South Africa over the issue of the formula used to determine the legal and acceptable height of athletes related to the length of his/her competition prosthesis to gain an unfair advantage. Concerns were also raised over performances and results of athletes prior to the Games with different sets of competition prosthesis used prior to and at this event.

South African athlete Oscar Pistorius has himself raised and queried his own concerns on this subject on numerous occasions in the interest of all athletes in the T43/44 class.

“We requested urgent intervention and feedback by the IPC within these Games on the matters that we have raised,” confirmed Reddy who said that on conclusion of the Games the NPC of South Africa would further be engaging with the IPC on further research and studies in order to arrive at an informed decision that would be fair and just for athletes with a disability worldwide.

“I can confirm that a representative of the IPC has responded timeously to some of the matters raised by ourselves. They have thanked us for bringing our concerns to their attention and have in turn engaged representatives of athletics officials of different countries at these Games.

“They will continue to investigate any suspected breaches and take any action mandated by the Rule Book.”

Concluded Reddy: “We hope that an amicable solution can be found that will provide all Paralympic athletes affected with a clear understanding that the process is indeed a fair one.”


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