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President’s Voice ÔÇô Gideon Sam

With the Olympic Games all done and dusted, our focus is now on the Paralympic Games starting in London this week.

Wednesday sees the Opening Ceremony of these Games and we can expect yet another great event. The Brits sure know how to party and they will not miss such a great opportunity to do so. Expect the best from them.

Back home in South Africa the SASCOC AGM was well received by the members. Quality reports were tabled and Deputy Minister, Gert Ooshuisen represented the Department.

What normally elicit big debates at AGM’s, namely, the presentation of the financial report, proceeded without debate and was accepted by all. We now look forward to the next Council meeting which will also see the election of new office bearers for the period up to Rio 2016.

We also received an invitation from both Houses of Parliament to come to Parliament to receive congratulatory messages from all the political parties.

All the parties stressed the importance of proper funding for the development of sport in the country. I think we can expect a far more positive attitude towards our requests for sufficient funding for all our programmes in sport in future.

All eyes will now be on the Paralympic Games and South Africans will be glued to their televion screens, supporting Team SA. They carry all our good wishes.

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