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Sasol on board as 2012 Olympics sponsor

Sasol on Thursday announced it has become a sponsor of Team South Africa for the 2012 Olympics through SASCOC.

Sasol has been a sponsor of the South African Paralympic team since 2007 and is also the sponsor of the South African Mens Wheelchair Basketball team. The extension of the sponsorship, to include Team South Africa at the 2012 Olympics, has developed from Sasols sponsorship of the South African National Womens Football team, Banyana Banyana.

Our Paralympic, Mens Wheelchair Basketball and Banyana Banyana sponsorships have been exceptional investments and the remarkable performance of these teams has ensured they will be forming part of the London-bound Team South Africa, said Maurice Radebe, Group Executive, Sasol.

Our sponsorship of Team South Africa, to now also include the Olympic team, brings a wonderful alignment to our support of the broader Team South Africa. The sponsorship reinforces our commitment to supporting our teams and working with them to achieve their dreams. We are delighted to be involved with two teams representing the country at the Olympics and Paralympics this year, he said.

SASCOC Chief Executive Officer Mr Tubby Reddy thanked Sasol for the extension of the sponsorship. “As we all know, sponsorship and funding is the very lifeblood of sport. The 2012 Olympics and Paralympics are almost upon us and if we are to continue being a force in the ranks of world sport it’s sponsorships such as these that will be of fundamental importance.”

“SASCOC entered into the agreement to help Sasol with its association of its sponsorship of our Banyana Banyana women’s football team through getting into the wider Team South Africa fold.

“Sasol already play a huge role in the continued success of our Paralympic team, including the wheelchair basketball side. This extension of the sponsorship was the logical step up and is hugely welcomed.”

Sasols recently launched With You advertising campaign is one channel through which Sasol is sharing the success stories of these two high performing national teams. As part of this campaign, South Africans can send messages of support to both Banyana Banyana and the Mens Wheelchair Basketball teams, as well as well wishes to both the Olympic and Paralympic Team SA, by accessing from their mobile phones.

On behalf of Sasols more than 33000 employees across the world, we wish Team South Africa the greatest success at the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics.

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