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CEO’s Chair ÔÇô Tubby Reddy

It’s great to have had two of the biggest events on the 2012 SASCOC diary successfully done and dusted in the space of a month.

The two events I’m talking of were the announcements of the teams for the Olympic and Paralympic Games that will take place in London over the next few months.

Those initial 112 names in the Olympic squad will be joined by just a few more names at the final team announcement on 4 July. But the Paralympic squad of 62 para-athletes is now signed off.

I must say it was with great pleasure that we hosted both team announcement events at Olympic House. It was the fruition of four long and hard years of planning after the Beijing Olympics and Paralympics and without wishing to brag, I think the fact that the teams have by and large been extremely well received by the sporting fraternity and the SA public is testimony to some good planning here at SASCOC.

We laid down our selection policy criteria a long time out from the Games so that there were few or no grey areas that would invite controversy and I think that by and large we have achieved this.

Lets not be idealists but no team will ever be completely without controversy. Healthy and robust debate is also something which we welcome because no-one is perfect and sport is also not an exact science.

Having said that, it bothers me that there are many people out there who are trying to have their own interpretation of the agreed policy when it comes to team selection. All our Federations were all too aware of the selection criteria and in fact this was a joint decision between SASCOC and the Federations.

In the event of borderline decisions SASCOC deliberates at full Board level and I can assure you that any decisions taken are not taken lightly and only after full consideration of all the information at our disposal.

Before our two Olympic and Paralympic team announcements I accompanied our media partners, Highbury Safika Media, to London to do some reconnaissance for the media centre in London during the Games and must say preparations are going along exceptionally smooth.

And then I was also privileged to oversee the recent Athletics South Africa (ASA) annual elections and must congratulate James Evans on being re-elected as President and also the electing of Hendrick Ramaala as Vice-President. Here’s hoping they can continue the rebuilding of South African athletics as a force to be reckoned with.

We are also continuing to work on the problems besetting Karate SA and have now installed an interim committee to look after the affairs of Basketball SA.

It’s never a simple task overseeing more than 80 Federations but that is a job that we’ve been given responsibility for and we do so to the very best of our ability. That’s why we are constantly urging the Federations to practice good governance.

If we are freed up to concentrate on other tasks while the Federations run themselves it will be to the benefit of everyone concerned.

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  1. Roger

    June 21, 2012 at 2:15 pm

    Calling the Paralypic team members “para-athletes” is making them out to be less than “real” Athletes. They are Paralympic Athletes or Paralympians

    “Para-athletes” is not acceptable!

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