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SASCOC seeks answers

South Africa’s governing Olympic body, SASCOC, has launched an inquiry surrounding the playing of the wrong national anthem before the Proteas women’s hockey match against Great Britain in London on Tuesday night.

According to reports, the anthem played was not Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika but Die Stem, although a hockey official today said it was “a bizarre mixture”.

The CEO of SASCOC, Tubby Reddy, has promised to conduct a thorough investigation before he’s able to comment decisively on the debacle.

“We don’t know the full extent of what transpired in London last night in terms of the botched playing of our national anthem. It’s a serious matter and we need to find out how it went wrong. We don’t know, as yet, whether it was signed off beforehand by the team management, which is normal procedure.

“We’ve asked the SA Hockey Association to give us a full response as to what transpired. When presented with the facts we will then be able to comment further,” Reddy said.

South Africa, ranked 12 in the world and who have qualified for the London Olympics, scored an impressive 3-1 victory over the world’s fourth-ranked side.

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