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President’s Voice ÔÇô Gideon Sam

We had a fantastic launch of the team kit for London last week and from all accounts, the reviews were great. The athletes loved what they saw and paraded in and that brought a smile to management and the Board members because we always aim to keep the athletes happy so that they can perform better.

Our partner in the procurement of the kit, ERKE, was equally impressed with the professionalism with which we launched the kit. If we continue to show what we can do as a Confederation then we are in for a long relationship with ERKE.

There are those who believe that we are insensitive to the needs of our own manufacturing sector, but this is a sponsorship of clothing to the tune of well over R20m and no money will come into the coffers of SASCOC.  When we present our teams at the various international competitions, we will draw down against the amount for them to provide the clothing from their own manufacturing plants.

Following our uphill battle to procure a clothing sponsorship for our teams in the previous quadrangle, we are happy with what we could get, sealed and signed, up to 2016.

The mascot, Chukuru, was also launched, and the crowd favourite danced himself into the hearts of South Africans. Even the falling pants incident could not stop Chukuru from making his entrance on to the ramp to join the athletes showing off their brand new kit.

In the days and weeks that will follow, the South African public will meet Chukuru and the various events leading up to the London Games. Our thanks go to the designers and the public that helped us choose our mascot. Congratulations to the prize winners and please join our Face book page to express your views as we march towards London.

It’s also good to see more and more athletes qualifying or getting closer to qualifying. Very pleasing is to see two of our equestrian experts ÔÇô Alex Peternell and Paul Hart ÔÇô put their name in the hat. Coming from South Africa our riders have an uphill battle both in terms of the sheer expense and travel involved but also the question of quarantine etc for their horses. It was also good to see our archer, Karen Hultzer get closer to a spot when she qualified at the continental championships.

I am currently in the Eastern Cape following the numerous Easter tournaments to see where the talent is. These tournaments tend to throw up good talent that get opportunities outside the areas where they live.

The Association of National Olympic Committees meet in Moscow next week and over and above the general business of such an organisation, opportunities are given to NOC’s to make inputs on topical issues close to the hearts of many┬á NOC’s. I have been tasked to speak on the topic of “Events as catalyst for development”.

Many NOC’s regard the hosting of major events in their countries as an important catalyst to get development on many fronts off the ground. The CEO, Mr. Tubby Reddy, will join me on this trip to take care of all the administrative matters that will be discussed at this meeting.


  1. sandra brown

    April 10, 2012 at 8:27 am

    i think it is simply dreadful that you are using a chinese company to manufacture sporting kit. It is the chinese who are the cause of the huge upsurge in rhino poaching in south africa and we should have no trade with them until they put a stop to the demand for rhino horn

  2. Jenni Erasmus

    April 11, 2012 at 2:10 pm

    “The Olympic Charter is based on several fundamental principles, the first of which requires member states, officials, athletes and related parties to strictly adhere to “social responsibility, and respect for universal fundamental ethical principles”.

    I am more than disgusted! We ask for the reversing of this licensing agreement since it is definitely NOT ethical by ANY means! It actually makes us the laughing stock of the world again! How could we posiibly allow this to happen in the light of what we are fighting for at the moment ? It makes all the efforts of those who campaign tirelessly against the onslaught on our wildlife, null and void! I know the individual atheletes would have had little say but they should be informed as to what they will be promoting. I am sure not many of them understand or know the significance of the emblem. Perhaps they don’t even care where the kit was made. It is a traversty. Can you imagine them walking onto this world stage soon? The announcers always comment on the kits and how each team is turned out for the occasion…..”And here we have the South Afican team with their Mascot, a Rhino representing the dwindling species which is being annihilated systematically in their country by at least one a day! But hey? Who cares because as long as there is demand they will turn a blind eye…so BLIND that that they gave the kit contract to a Chinese trader just to complete the pretty picture! Give them a hand to welcome them….”

    I DEMAND that someone from SASCOC gives us an in depth account of how this happened and WHY local CTM’s were not used? WHY was the South African public not involved in this decision and how does SASCOC they think they measure up after reading all the statements that have been made on their FB page? SASCOC OWES the South African team a better deal than this PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! RECTIFY this terrible mistake!!!!!!

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