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Team SA’s Olympic, Paralympic kit unveiled

Some of South Africas leading athletes proudly unveiled Team South Africas latest Olympic and Paralympic Games kit at a glittering function in Johannesburg on Wednesday evening.

The countrys Olympic governing body SASCOC launched the much anticipated kit that South African athletes will proudly wear in London later this year and going forward to the 2016 Olympics and Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2016.

The launch took place at Turbine Hall, in Newtown and among the sporting celebrities to strut their stuff in the hi-tech kit were prospective London 2012candidates such as 2008 Olympic silver medallist and long jumper Khotso Mokoena along with Cameron van der Burgh and Chad Ho (both swimming).

Also there were Paralympics track legend Oscar Pistorius, swimmer Natalie du Toit and javelin ace Zanele Situ, Commonwealth Games javelin gold medallist Sunette Viljoen, Amanda Dlamini (who has already booked her ticket as part of the Banyana Banyana womens soccer side) and wheelchair basketballer Marius Papenfus (also already qualified).

Its vitally important that our athletes feel not only comfortable and at home in their kit but also extremely proud and honoured whenever they wear it, be it in competition or out of competition, says SASCOC Chief Executive Officer, Tubby Reddy. The mere pride and feel-good factor of the wearing of the national kit should serve to up their performance by a few levels.

Master of Ceremonies Carol Tshabalala, a seasoned television and radio broadcaster, opened the evening while world renowned fashion designer Terrence Bray started the catwalk proceeding, with a glamorous, yet playful line, which ties sport and fashion.

Manufactured by Chinese company ERKE,the clothing pack includes tracksuits and formal suits. Golf shirts, casual shirts and T-Shirts along with sandals, caps, backpacks (which double as laptop bags), towels, suitcases and lots more, which athletes and officials proudly displayed.

Regarding any questions of quality, Reddy has no objections. Im confident that our kit manufacturing company ERKE have come up with cutting edge apparel for our men and women in London.

We gave them very exacting requirements in terms of quality and style and I have every reason to think that Team South Africa will be more than happy with what we show them tonight.

Riding the same train is SASCOC President Gideon Sam Ive said this before and Ill say it again, our athletes are central to everything we do. Without them there would be nothing so its only obvious that we want them to love what theyll be wearing. It stands to reason that if theyre happy with the outfits and proud to be wearing them, it will allow them to focus on what theyre there for. And thats giving their all for their country and hopefully also winning medals for our country.

Not known for any glamour, Banyana Banyana Captain Dlamini insists those days are over.

For so long our kits reflected the boys kit, this time however, the ERKE cut is light, which will make it that much easier to play in. And the cut is amazing; its feminine I cant wait to wear it in London.

Echoing words of approval were Jonathan Ntutu and Hilton Langenhoven of the Paralympic fame who strutted the ramp in ERKEs athletics gear Its breathable which is what we as athletes look for, it makes me want to run even faster, Ntutu said

It looks good. Its great quality; they listened to our requirements and complied. And I love the Protea on it. Gives it that extra proudly South African feel, Langenhoven commented.

Speaking of proudly South African, Papenfus finds the colours, mainly the green a main attraction as he insists it is just the right green, the South African green. Comfort, colour, cut and quality were just few of the words used by the models to describe the ERKE product, and it was also the case with boxing as modelled by Gift Pilane.

While many of the athletes insist their modelling days are over, it is not the case with Ho. Oh yeah, I had a jol up there and would have modelled this kit over and over he laughed.

It is that good looking and, hey, if swimming doesnt work out who knows? Ho joked.

Ive also said on many an occasion, that we continue to encourage the South African public to join hands with us. Again, this team is your team as our cricket, rugby and soccer teams. Embrace them, support them and help make things happen for Team South Africa. Sam concluded.


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  2. Gary Benham

    April 5, 2012 at 10:42 am

    An excellent event, well done.

  3. J. Gomez

    April 5, 2012 at 11:19 am

    What happened about proudly South Africa ? Why buy Chinese

  4. philippa

    April 10, 2012 at 6:13 am

    So much for proudly South African, its a sell out!I am shocked and disappointed in SASCOC.

    (1) Where is SASCOC’ s commitment to PROUDLY SA and the LOCAL PROCUREMENT ACCORD signed in Oct 2011 ?

    (2) ERKE’s only other national team sports sponsorship (other than China itself) was NORTH KOREA for the 2010 Football World Cup !

    (3) The SA public voted to profile the RHINO as Team SA’s mascot for LONDON 2012 and we all know that illegal demand for traditional Chinese medicine is fuelling our bloody poaching war; and

    (4) ERKE’s US$ 4.0m sponsorship will generate huge turnovers from them when Saffer sports fans start buying official TEAM SA kit (made in China) in stores soon and ERKE’s profits create taxes for China that they DON’t use to stamp out illegal horn via their law enforcement agencies !!!

    It’s not perverse. It’s UNETHICAL …

  5. Deanne Bratuchin

    April 10, 2012 at 6:42 am

    I am truly disgusted that SASCOC has chosen to go this route. Where is your commitment to PROUDLY SA and the Local Procurement accord signed just last year?? SASCOC’s actions can only be viewed with disdain at its total disregard for local manufacturers which is unethical to say the least! Sis!

  6. Ian

    April 14, 2012 at 11:44 am

    SASCOC you nought to be ashamed of yourselves. You know that SA has a large clothing industry that is on it’s knees AND this is meant to be a case of SA showcasing itself on a world stage. Yet SA is now showcasing China’s finest threads. Nice own goal SASCOC.

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