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Track aces in the wars

By Mark Etheridge

Our two stars scheduled to compete in the World Track Cycling Championships in Melbourne next month have both been in the wars lately.

Nolan Hoffman came down hard while competing in the Chevron International event in Perth at the weekend and had to have a four-centimetre splinter removed from his back, as well has having to cop with the usual bruising and roasts that go hand in hand with cycling. His hip took a bit of a hammering but is coming right now and he can still feel a few splinters that need to work their way out of his back.

Swiss-based Bernard Esterhuizen also had his fair share of troubles.

“I’m doing alright and am already in Australia,” said teenager Esterhuizen, winner of the 1km time trial at junior world championships in Italy two years ago.

“I’ll be doing the Kilo, Sprint and Keirin at World Championships. Training is going well although I did have a crash about five weeks ago in a race in Aigle and cut the back of my foot open just below the┬áAchilles heel. I had to get stitches and I was off the bike for two weeks,” the former Durbanite told Road to London 2012 this week.

“So I had a bit of a break but the training so far has been good. My goals are to get a good time in the Kilo and flying 200 metre.”

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