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Sore Robyn may delay

Olympic hopeful cyclist, Robyn de Groot may put her departure for Europe on hold after last Sunday’s multiple pile-up at the Cape Argus Pick ‘n Pay cycle tour in Cape Town, writes Mark Etheridge.

De Groot, 29, was part of the crash that saw close on 30 riders come down to earth with a painful bump, less than 100 metres from the finish. Women’s winner Ashleigh Moolman-Pasio escaped the tumble and notched the victory.

But many of her competitors weren’t so lucky and three of our top roadsters came short; De Groot, defending champion Cherise Taylor and Jo van de Winkel.

Taylor spent a few days in a neck brace and Van de Winkel had water drained from her knee in hospital later in the day.

“It was crazy but unfortunately unavoidable,” said De Groot. “I’ve got two broken ribs and am just battered and bruised all over. A tad uncomfortable but will bounce back soon I hope.

“I might delay my flight to Europe [she’ll be part of the Lotto-Bellisol team along with Moolman, Taylor, Llse Olivier and An-Li Pretorius as our girls race for UCI points ahead of the Olympics] but will get over there as soon as the body’s healing allowedÔǪ bad timing.”

As for the Argus crash she says: “I remember bits and pieces of it. I was switched by a rider in the peloton and that was game over. I suppose crashing is part of racing and competing. It would be awesome to have a ladies only race on the Argus route, I think the racing would be really interesting and spectator friendly.

“I guess there are pro’s and cons racing with the veteran men. I just think it gets too crazy at the Argus finish line for some reason. We had three categories competing for prizes and podiums so everyone goes for that line!”

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