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Reinardt rides Morocco

By Mark Etheridge

Reinardt Janse van Rensburg’s run of form shows no sign of ending anytime soon and Sunday’s Cape Argus Cycle Tour victory is just another addition to a burgeoning C.V of success.

The 23-year-old youngster was, by his own admission, surprised to have won the country’s biggest road race around the Cape Peninsula.

“I was actually working for our fastman Arran Brown [he won the Momentum 94.7 race in Johannesburg late last year] at the finish, but saw my opportunity as Herman Fouche was sitting too far back and I had two climbers behind me ÔÇô Jaco Venter and Kevin Evans. So I decided to go for it quite far out in the headwind, I got a gap and kept it all the way. Unfortunately for Arran, there was a touch of wheels which forced him to swerve towards the pavement and unclip. So we got first and fourth.

“Our plan was to see if we can get away from Nolan Hoffman on the final two climbs, as we felt he was a threat in the final sprint. We also were a bit concerned about the 3 Omega-Pharma Quickstep riders. We however managed to ride away from all of them on Chapman’s and Suikerbossie. In the group were a few dark horses, along with Herman Fouche, who also packs a fast finish.”

But Janse van Rensburg, the Alll Africa Games time trial champion in Maputo, Mozambique last year, is certainly not downplaying the fact that he won.

“Its a great feeling. The Argus was the first race known to me and it inspired me to start riding for the first time. So its great to come back and win it 10 years after my first Argus. Its a little bit of a childhood dream.”

He rode his first Argus when he was just 13 and to tell the truth, he didn’t do too badly then either. “This is my sixth Argus now, I think! The first one I ended in about 3:09 after I had to stop and fix a puncture.”

How does he put Sunday’s ride into perspective. “Although this is a big win. I would still rate my win at the Suntour [Australia last year] as my biggest victory, followed closely by the SA time trial champs. Next up is Morocco, for the 10-day Tour Du Maroc starting on 23 March, followed by a eight-week stint in Europe.”

Don’t bank on him coming back to South Africa with yet more accolades under his saddle.

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