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Rene cruises in Japan

By Mark Etheridge

Olympic marathon hopeful Rene Kalmer’s preparations continued in confident style in the Far East this weekend.

This time her trip wasn’t for racing purposes but rather, pacemaking duties in Japan. She has already achieved the qualifying standard for the Olympics, when she ran 2hr 29min 59sec at the Yokohama Marathon in Japan late last year.

“I paced the Nagoya women’s marathon,” said Kalmer. “It was the last change for the Japanese girls to qualify.

“I decided not to run another marathon before the Olympics and to rather put 110% effort and focus into the Games, that’s why I’m doing the pacing to get experience,” she told Road to London 2012.

“I did a pretty good job, went through the half-marathon in 71min 30sec, my second best half-marathon time. The other three pacers bailed before 14km, which made it pretty tough.”

Kalmer pulled out at the 23.6km mark when she developed a stitch in her side. “I got the stitch from my energy drink that went down the wrong way. That is something I still have to work on ÔÇô my water tables.

“I’ll be also pacing the London Marathon, to help the British girls to qualify.”

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