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CEO’s Chair ÔÇô Tubby Reddy

The race to be 100% ready for this year’s Olympic Games in London continues to gather pace ÔÇô and quickly too.

We’re currently busy with our P.R plan for both the Olympic and Paralympic Games right now and a lot of work has been done and may I add, continues to be done on this front.

To this effect we’ve gone to various agencies and are busy finalising a mascot for the Games. The way it works is that there will be an independent judging panel from which a short line-up will be selected and then it’s up to you the public to have the final say on which exciting mascot gets the nod to be representative of our great nation in London.

Then, in line with our upcoming national kit launch, I have another trip to Shanghai, China in the first week of March to finalise and bring back the first clothing garments for the launch.

Another exciting development going forward is that in line with our existing partnership with the SA National Defence Force regarding the joint boxing project we are expanding into other sport types.

The Indian army have a very good record of developing sporting talent and to this effect they have invited the SANDF who in turn have invited both  Sport and Recreation South Africa and ourselves on this delegation to India later this month to see first hand how they work. General Manager Ms Patience Shikwambana will represent SASCOC in this matter.

I’m also happy to report that my Executive Manager, Ms Jean Kelly, represented SASCOC in Cali, Colombia where the 2013 World Games will be staged. She is our project manager for the Games and this was the first NOC preparation meeting. Relevant documentation was given to the visiting NOC’s and site visits were arranged to the various official and non-official hotels as well as to some of the sports venues. The games are scheduled to take place from 25 July ÔÇô 4 August.

Jean tells me that the public are really rallying around the Games hype and at the launch of the Games campaign approximately 4000 people attended, along with the Colombian President, Mr Juan Manuel Santos.

And then, looking even further ahead, we are working behind the scenes already for the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

March will see project manager Ms Desiree Vardhan and myself traveling to Glasgow, Scotland as part of this preparation.

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