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President’s Voice ÔÇô Gideon Sam

There’s no doubting that we are faced with an extremely tight programme for 2012, an Olympic Games year.

After meeting with our two Vice-presidents we concluded that we are really going to have to assist each other to keep pace with all the development that is lying ahead.

The implementation of the resolutions from the Ministerial Sports Indaba, will be top of our agenda, because we really do not want to drop the ball, nor can we afford to.

The SASCOC management team has analysed our roles in the whole implementation process and we will be guided by the availability of resources in playing our role.

Coupled with the above, we also have to ensure that athletes get the best service in their final preparations for this year’s Olympics.

And already we are looking ahead as we also need to continue the search for new talent for the years ahead. To this extent we will be rolling out the Talent Identification pilot programme with the University of Johannesburg. After several rounds of consultations with stakeholders, the programme is now ready to be tested on a limited scale.

The issue of High Performance Sport will also come under the magnifying glass early next month. We believe that the programmes proposed at the National Sports Indaba will definitely deliver talent. It is therefore important that we have a system in the country that will look after that talent. This will be the essence of the discussions next month and we hope to come out of these discussions with a road map for dealing with identified sport talent in the country.

There is also a scheduled Board meeting early next month and part of the agenda will deal with the issues raised in the media about the alleged spat within SASCOC. We owe it to our members to clear the air on some of these matters raised in the media.

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