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President’s Voice ÔÇô Gideon Sam

I knew it would arrive sooner rather than later but I’m still rubbing my eyes trying to believe that the Olympic year is upon us.

I trust that all of you, sportsmen and women, administrators and fans alike, have had a great festive season and had a nice rejuvenating restÔǪ because we now have to hit the ground running/cycling/grappling/punching ÔÇô┬áyou name it. Because the time is nigh.

Now it’s all systems go as we focus on London with renewed intensity.

Some of you will think that we have only got a few codes that have managed to qualify and you are are absolutely right.. at this stage. Right now we have representation in canoeing (one boat so far), football (our Banyana Banyana women’s side) and two rowing combinations.

But there is nothing to worry about yet. Qualifying competitions come thick and fast now and I’m confident we’re going to have a fair-sized squad taking that airplane to London.

And even if it’s not as big as teams in days gone by then so be it. I’ve said it before but we can ill-afford to take passengers aboard for a competition this size. We want them all to have come through the qualifying competitions and ready to do their country proud in the heat of battle.

Here at SASCOC we’ve spent a great deal of money in this team’s preparation and it’s a continuous learning curve as we fine-tune areas where we can help our codes in even more ways.

Medals are obviously going to be hard to come by on the world’s biggest stage, it wouldn’t be the Olympics if they were easily attainable, but I have every faith that our athletes who make the final cut will be in there with just as much chance as their opponents.

I must also implore with every bone in my body the need for South Africa to get behind our athletes as they attempt to qualify. Its a tough ask to qualify for the world’s biggest sporting showpiece and they need to know that they have the full backing of the country squarely behind them.

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