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SAWF upbeat about the future

The South African Weightlifting Federation (SAWF) are in high spirits and upbeat about the future of the federation after the recent completion of the coaching conference and also being presented with an opportunity to share the Long Term Participant Development (LTPD) draft.

Aveenash Pandoo, coach of the national team delivered the draft of the Long Term Participant Development Second Wave with Professor Istvan Balyi of Canada.

“Having attended Professor Balyi’s past sessions on LTPD it was just a matter of putting all the pieces together and in the best way possible for the benefit of weightlifting in South Africa”, Pandoo said. “After consultation with him (Balyi) and a few suggestions, the South African Weightlifting Federation were given the go ahead to produce the final draft by March of 2012.

“We are indeed very excited at the Federation as this is the way forward and will also be of major benefit towards our goals for 2016 and 2020.”

SAWF President Kevin du Plooy also recognised the importance of the programme.┬á”The LTPD programme serves as a catalyst for change in our approach to developing weightlifting, as well as building on our future.”

The possibility of producing a short video on the Safety and Technique of Weightlifting for children was also discussed and was very well received.  The LTPD will also include a short manual for parents, administrators and umpiring.

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