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KZN scoop events

The KwaZulu-Natal Cycling Union have been successful in their bid to host the 2012 SA Veteran and School Road and Time Trial Championships, which will take place from the 22nd to 25th March 2012.

The road racing spectacular ÔÇô the SA Road Championships ÔÇô is divided into two events each year, whereby one event caters for the Elite, U23 and Junior categories, and the other event catering for the under-16 and under-14 age group categories as well as those categories over 30-years of age. ┬áThe 2012 SA Schools and Veterans Championships will take place in eThekwini.

This is the first time that the city of Durban, and the eThekwini Municipality will be hosting the SA Vets and Schools Road Cycling and Time Trial Championships, and it is bound to be a cracker event, with suitable courses being set for both the road race and time trial disciplines, conducive to a spectacular day of racing as well as spectator support.

An undulating circuit measuring 14 kilometres will take the road race cyclists along the M13 from the Cowies Hill onramp, toward 45th Cutting, turning at the Sydenham Road robot junction and returning back along the M13 to the Cowies Hill off ramp.  The required number of laps will vary per age category, and the lap-racing format coupled with the undulating nature of the course is guaranteed to deliver a spectacular day of racing.

Those entering the Time Trial will experience Durban’s popular beachfront cycling circuit, taking cyclists on a flat course incorporating Snell Parade and Masabalala Yengwa (NMR) Roads, passing the Moses Mabhida Stadium and the beachfront, measuring approximately 10 kilometres and guaranteed to offer a closely contested race.

The proposed schedule of events is subject to confirmation, and race distances will be announced shortly:

Thursday   22/03/12   09:00

  • Registration all categories
  • Time Trial ┬á┬áU14 ┬á┬áGirls
  • Time Trial ┬á┬áU14 ┬á┬áBoys
  • Time Trial ┬á┬áU16 ┬á┬áGirls
  • Time Trial ┬á┬áU16 ┬á┬á┬áBoys
  • Time Trial ┬á┬áMasters 50+ ┬á┬áWomen
  • Time Trial ┬á┬áMasters 50+ ┬á┬áMen

Friday   23/03/12   09:00

  • Time Trial ┬á┬áVets 30-34 ┬á┬áWomen
  • Time Trial ┬á┬áVets 30-34 ┬á┬áMen
  • Time Trial ┬á┬áVets 35-39 ┬á┬áWomen
  • Time Trial ┬á┬áVets 35-39 ┬á┬áMen
  • Time Trial ┬á┬áVets 40-44 ┬á┬áWomen
  • Time Trial ┬á┬áVets 40-44 ┬á┬áMen
  • Time Trial ┬á┬áVets 45-49 ┬á┬áWomen
  • Time Trial ┬á┬áVets 45-49 ┬á┬áMen

Saturday   24/03/12   08:00

  • Road Race ┬á┬áVets 30-34 ┬á┬áMen
  • Road Race ┬á┬áVets 35-39 ┬á┬áMen
  • Road Race ┬á┬á┬áVets 40-44 ┬á┬áMen
  • Road Race ┬á┬áVets ┬á45-49 ┬á┬áMen
  • Road Race ┬á┬áU14 ┬á┬áGirls
  • Road Race ┬á┬áU14 ┬á┬áBoys
  • Road Race ┬á┬áU16 ┬á┬áGirls
  • Road Race ┬á┬áU16 ┬á┬áBoys

Sunday   25/03/12   08:00

  • Road Race ┬á┬á┬áVets 30-34 ┬á┬áWomen
  • Road Race ┬á┬áVets 35-39 ┬á┬áWomen
  • Road Race ┬á┬áVets 40-44 ┬á┬áWomen
  • Road Race ┬á┬áVets 45-49 ┬á┬áWomen
  • Road Race ┬á┬áMasters 50+ ┬á┬áMen
  • Road Race ┬á┬áMasters 50+ ┬á┬áWomen

The proposed schedule of events as listed above, is subject to final confirmation, and will be communicated accordingly.  The KZN Road Commission is proud to announce that there will be full road closure for both the Time Trial and the Road Race disciplines.

Entries will be done via the CyclingSA website   and entries open on 1st December 2011.

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