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Gold for Nel in NZ

Led by Jaco Nel, Team South Africa had a good first day’s outing in the UCI P1 para-cycling track Event in Invercargill, New Zealand on Monday, writes Mark Etheridge.

The small team of six were in action for the time trial events and Nel was first in the C2 category. There were two other second-place finishers, for Roxy Burns and Stephan Herholdt in the C4 category, a third for Dane Wilson (C5) and fourth spots for Janos Plekker (C4) and Juan Wilken (C3).

For Burns, she took part in a combined five-class event ÔÇô C1 to C5 Classification ÔÇô┬áand there were six riders in total. Burns came four overall but there were only three C4 classified riders and Burns was second of these.

“Today was the first day that I wasn’t affected by jetlag, so that was a plus,” said the Stellenbosch based rider. “The track was warm and is very fast, I got a personal best of 42.98sec, which is a SA record as well.

“The warm-up went well except for the fact that at the airport in Cape Town we were overweight, and I ended up leaving my road bike at home, which wasn’t ideal, so we borrowed one here. But it’s a bit big and we have to put my track pedals on to ride it, so its a bit of a hassle….but we managed.”

On her actual day of racing. “We luckily had15min to warm up on the track so I got the feel and my line right. The start wasn’t bad. I lost my rhythm a bit in the first corner, but regained it as I came out into the straight, then it was full steam ahead. I had the current world champ, Sue Powell from Australia, riding on the other side, as I heard her bell, my bell went so I knew i wasn’t too far off, but she must have been super quick in the last 250m .

Next up for Burns will be the team pursuit on Tuesday. “That’s the hard one, 3km, not my favorite, but I’ve been training for it, but not nearly at competitive level yet.. so hoping for a 4:45 or so but we’ll see,” she concluded.

Full SA results from day one
Jaco Nel (C2) first place 1:19.2
Juan Wilken (C3) fourth place 1:23.83
Stephan Herholdt (C4) second place 1:14.81
Janos Plekker (C4) fourth place 1:16.45
Dane Wilson (C5) third place 1:12.83

Roxy Burns (C4) second place 42.98sec

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