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Major progress made at coaching conference

Important steps were taken on day two of SASCOCs coaching framework conference on Saturday.

With the historic development scheme launched on Friday, South African sport federations leaders and coaches took part in the conferences presentations, discussions and workshops on the second day of the weekend programme. With the plan introduced and explained on Friday, those in attendance had the opportunity to look into this coaching framework in detail, put it into practice and use the theories in their respective sporting code and provincial situations.

Those who spoke on stage included IOC executive member Sam Ramsamy and Springbok head coach Peter de Villiers, who delivered messages about the impact the coaching framework initiative can make, High Performance in coaching and rebuilding a South African coaching system.

‘The coaching framework will provide structure in South African sport and the management of our atheles, explained Ramsamy while De Villiers stated: We shouldnt take talented black players out of their environment. We should improve that environment. Black schools need role models too.

Paul Singh, chief director of Sports and Recreation South Africa, spoke from the governments perspective and there was also a presentation about the innovations and improvements planned for school sport. Various federations were given a chance to show how the LTCD (Long Term Coaching Development) and LTPD (Long Term Player Development) plans have improved and how it will further bolster their systems while there were also workshops held afterwards, where coaches and leaders were able to discuss the initiative among themselves and with the pioneers and consultants behind this project.

SASCOC president Gideon Sam and CEO Tubby Reddy were also in attendance. Reddy was very happy with the proceedings as he felt there was a lot of promise shown during the programme activities. Sam echoed the same sentiments.

Its no wonder South African sport has never grown over these years. Its because we never had a development plan worked out so well like this coaching framework. This conference has been a huge success, said Sam.

In previous years, we wouldve had a specific development plan for a specific region, but it would fail in the end. Now that the sporting federations from the different provinces have all come together, we can discuss this development plan and move forward as one.

Day two has been very important because everyone has had the opportunity to put this method into practice. Im delighted with the feedback. We are creating the right momentum heading into the upcoming Sports Indaba, where this coaching framework will be a vital discussion’

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