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President’s Voice ÔÇô Gideon Sam

We are living in the most exciting times in South African sport as we go through dales and vales. Every day there is something that catches the eye and you get distracted from what you are pursuing.

I am trying to focus on the 12 x 12 dream for London but you battle to keep your mind on the great vision because there is always something else to attend to.

Some of our federations are at war with themselves and we must constantly step in to remind them that it is about the athletes and not about the boardroom antics. When you actually look deeper into what causes all the infighting you will see that total disregard for their own constitutions (the very constitutions that are there to guide them) lies at the heart of the problem.

We now have the cricket saga refusing to go away. Hopefully the solution being suggested by Honorable Minister Fikile Mbalula will bring an end to this one.

After dancing in the passages following ┬áthe Bafana Bafana draw with Sierra Leone in Mbombela I was brought back to mother earth when I heard that we “misinterpreted” the rules. I called the Safa President, Mr Kirsten Nematandani, who are assured me that all was under control. Well, that was actually not the case, so we have to swallow the bitter pill that we will not be at the next Afcon showpiece.

Then we had our rugby Bokke falling at the quarter-final hurdle and it was “nag” [night] for all of us who expected so much from a great team. Consolation though for us though is that Craig Joubert will be handling the grand finale of this great spectacle.

The global economy is not letting up to loosen the purse strings of our corporates and so we continue to hold out the begging bowl to give maximum support to all our athletes.

How far can we really go? The one thing that is encouraging is that the SASCOC team under CEO Tubby Reddy knows only one word and that is: “vasbyt”.

It is not all dark and gloom, because our athletes continue to fight to qualify for London. ┬áOpportunities are running out fast, but our athletes continue to hang in there. They are determined to qualify and they know the stringent qualifying criteria set by SASCOC and their federations. The latest team to qualify for London were the Amawheelaboyz.. as in our Paralympic wheelchair basketball team. They’ve battled their way through some tough times and now they are reaping their rewards.

At our media conference planned for 2 November at this stage, we shall give a state of readiness report to the nation. We shall reveal all and guess what? We are still going for 12 medals!┬áDid I hear you say I’m nuts? Then show me a leader without a vision and I will teach you something for free!

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  1. Aveenash Pandoo

    October 31, 2011 at 8:58 am

    Dear Mr President,

    Keep up the great work and the vision. You have shown in you and your staff at SASCOC to be a great leader, full of passion and a person who follows his dream. As a coach i am pushing hard and want to be part of the dream. If it is not in 2012, then in 2016 surely it will be as we embark with a new generation. Target is locked and moving forward as a raging bull.

    Aveenash Pandoo.
    SA Weightlifting.

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