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Gold for SA gymnasts

Six acro gymnasts from Golden Lions Gymnastics in Newlands, Johannesburg, danced and tumbled their way into the hearts of the judges and spectators and to the gold medal at the annual Gutenberg Cup in Mainz-Laubenheim, Germany, at the weekend.

After the first day, the South African gymnasts won three golds and one silver medal. They will compete for another three medals on Sunday.

“We were stunned by the perfomance of the South African gymnasts. From the smallest, little Caitlyn Kelly, nine, to one of the biggest gymnasts we have ever seen in action, Matome Tshishonga, thrilled us with their skills and dancing routines. Matome dances with his heart and with emotion and his African routine with Natalie Friesling is one of the most unique routines in acro gymnastics,” Antoaneta Kiselichka, chief of the judges’ panel said.

She said she remembers Tshishonga and Friesling from last year’s wold championships and noticed a huge improvement in their performance.

“Natalia von Willigh is doing wondeful work and all the coaches here admire her gymnasts,” Kiselichka said.

Tshishonga and Friesling achieved their highest ever score of 28,380 for their balance routine.

They were loudly applauded after their routine and at the medal ceremony, they were flocked by autograph hunters from all over Europe.

Malik Baatjies and Emilio Abreu came fourth in last year’s World Age group Games in Poland and with gold for their balance routine, they are firmly on course to medal at next year’s World Age Group Games in Florida, US.

“We decided to inspire Caitlyn and her partner Cheslyn Glade by exposing them to interntional competition as they have been unbeaten in their section ever since they started competing three years ago. It is also important that international judges see our gymnasts in action,” Natalia von Willigh, head coach of Golden Lions Gymnastics, said.

The gymnasts gave displays at shopping centres for weeks in order to fundraise for the event and will soon begin with fundraising for seven of the club’s gymnasts who will take part in the April 2012 World Championships and Age Group Games.

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  1. Asavela magquba

    March 2, 2012 at 11:25 am

    I will always wish to go for the olympics.just see my self competing with other worlds, gymnastics is like a desease to me the desease that i will live with it for ever like h.i.v. I always say “one day is one day”.

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