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Rene’s renewed spirit

By Mark Etheridge

Rene Kalmer will take on her next international marathon with renewed confidence after her 31st place at the IAAF World Athletics Championships in Daegu, South Korea at the weekend.

Kalmer ran a time of 2hr 38min after mixing it with the leaders for more than half the race. “I have mixed feelings about the race,” Kalmer told Road to London 2012 on Monday. “I feel that my time and position doesn’t reflect the effort I put in the race. In my heart I know I gave it a good shot. I managed to stay with the leaders for about 24km and then I held my pace till 32km.

“The last 10km was really tough, being a lone ranger running in no man’s land. I think if there was a second group it would have made an huge difference.”

To her credit, this was only Kalmer’s second international marathon ÔÇô she made her international debut in Prague, Czech Republic in May this year.

“I really gained a lot of experience. My previous marathon we were only 10 elite women, now we were almost 60. It was a mission at water tables just to stay on your feet.”

And Kalmer, it seems has been bitten by the marathon bug. “In every marathon I promised myself it is my last, but now I already thinking of the next one… I’m definitely in better shape, I’m not even that sore a day after the race and don’t even have a limp to show I did the marathon!”

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