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Juan makes progress

Our top 1500-metre athlete and 2008 Beijing Olympic Games finalist, Juan van Deventer is slowly but surely getting back on track after being hit by a car three months ago, writes Mark Etheridge.

Van Deventer was struck by the car while training in Rumsig, on Johannesburg’s West Rand on May 11 and badly damaged his knee. Thankfully there was no cartilage damage but the patella was displaced and he had two screws inserted to strengthen the bone.

Keeping Road to London 2012 up to date with his recovery process, Van Deventer says his recovery has been encouraging. “I’ll be going to the surgeon again on 17 August and will then known more or less where I am in terms of being back to 100%.

“The two-month follow-up was goodÔǪ the bone has begun to heal but there was still some healing to go I’ve been working hard on rehab and doing some other forms of aerobic training to keep fit but I’m positive that I’ll be back into full training within the next eight weeks.”

Until this stage Van Deventer has not been able to test the knee out properly by running, either on the road or the track. “I’ve been cycling and going to gym etc and also been running on an anti-gravity treadmill with about 20-60% bodyweight. The good thing is that there’s no pain, just a bit of stiffness in the joint but I’ve got about 95% of my range back.”

Van Deventer reckons its a mite early to start thinking about goals and target races right now. “I’ll do some roadwork etc but will only start setting goals once I’m training properly again. For now the goal is to get running again and once I’m doing that I’ll decide when I’ll begin to race.”

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