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SASCOC suspend federations

South Africa’s Olympic governing body SASCOC has suspended the membership of Squash South Africa and the SA Equestrian Council with immediate effect.

The decision to suspend the two National Federations was taken at a SASCOC board meeting in Cape Town on Wednesday, 27 July.

Explaining the suspension, SASCOC CEO Mr Tubby Reddy said: “In both instances we at SASCOC have documentation from two parties in each Federation containing issues of leadership dispute. Presidents have been removed from these NF’s without following due process.”

Reddy went on to re-iterate SASCOC’s policy on sporting governance.

“We at SASCOC are taking a view of total non-tolerance when it comes to any manipulations and the pushing of individual or personal agendas in our National Federations.

“We are working closely with the national Sports Ministry in this regard and indeed, we are busy with the process of reviewing the administration of all our member federations.”

SASCOC’s next step will be to continue investigations into the two suspended federations before calling each for a meeting where they will attempt to remedy matters as quickly as possible.

“We simply don’t have time for matters such as these which are not only damaging for the image of the sport and the sports followers but for the athletes,” said Reddy.

Regarding the various sportsmen and women that stood to be affected by the suspensions, Reddy said SASCOC would certainly take note of this fact. “We are very aware of thisÔǪ we will see how it affects the various athletes and also see how we can enable them to compete but I must emphasise that as matters currently stand, both federations are suspended until further notice.”

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