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BMX aces ready to roll

South African BMX contenders participating in the UCI BMX World Championships in Denmark have already completed their first day of training after all the races were moved up one day earlier than scheduled.

Racing for the 14-and-under age category now gets underway on Wednesday. ÔÇ£Although the track is made of soil it has stood up to the rain really well, and the turns are all surfaced,ÔÇØ said BMX High Performance Commissioner Kim Stiebel. ÔÇ£The daunting eight-metre high start hill is a bit of a problem in the wet though and the organisers are trying to rectify that ÔÇô it will be quite testing if the weather is bad.

“The track itself is very challenging, it has good flow and the riders seem to really be enjoying themselves and have adapted quickly. This is a good sign as the riders have generally taken some time to adapt to a new track in the past.ÔÇØ

This morning’s final practice session went well in perfect conditions without incident, and after the final tweaks were done, everyone is fit and ready for the racing. ÔÇ£There were a few guys that were looking really good out there,ÔÇØ continued Kim. ÔÇ£So hopefully that form will take them into the finals.ÔÇØ

World numbers will be hard earned in Copenhagen with capacity entries being recorded ÔÇô there are 891 entries for the 14-and-under category alone. Including the Elite category, there is a total of 2,200 entries at the World Championships.

Maia Rawlins (14 Girls category) had her composure challenged when her bike was stolen from the bike storage area in the hotel where she is staying ÔÇô a total of eight bikes were nabbed. ┬áFortunately, Rawlins had the guidance of seasoned traveller Sydney Webster close at hand and Sydney and his helpers managed to put a bike together for her. Maia trained on fellow competitor Axel Webster’s bike on Monday and was fortunate to have her own bike ready.

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