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International experts in SA to lend a hand

Our acrobatic and women’s artistic gymnastics have the privilege of having the benefit of international coaching and choreography assistance respectively.

Acrobatic gymnastics has the pleasure of hosting international choreographer, Boiana Angelova, in South Africa. Originally from Bulgaria, she has been living in Belgium for the past 15 years. Not only was Boiana a professional dancer, but she was a multiple World Acrobatic Champion (five-time champion), who has worked both as a ‘top’ in mixed pair acrobatic gymnastics and later as a ‘base’ acrobatic gymnast in a women’s group.

It is Boiana’s first time in South Africa, and she is based in East Gauteng for a period of six weeks, and staying until 16 July. She is here to provide international expertise and assist to our high performance acrobatic gymnasts, especially pertaining to their artistry work.

This assistance will enable our gymnasts to improve their performance and achieve better scores and in their artistry.

According to Adri Koekemoer, Programme Manager for Acrobatics in South Africa, ÔÇ£Boiana is very talented and we would like to bring her back at a later stage for more helpÔÇØ.

Women’s Artistic Gymnastics also has international consultant, Wesley Jones, in the country. He is currently working on fine-tuning Commonwealth Games medallist Jennifer Khwela’s skills in KwaZulu-Natal, thereafter he will go to Johannesburg in his second week, and Pretoria in his third and final week in SA.

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