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President’s Voice ÔÇô Gideon Sam

Sitting here in Australia, evaluating the two cities bidding for the Commonwealth Games for 2018, one keeps thinking about the requirements for hosting the Games in any country that wants to bid for the Commonwealth Games.

Gold Coast in Australia and Hambantoto in Sri Lanka are the two bidding cities for the 2018 Games. There are interesting areas that a country needs to think about, but for me it is a steep learning curve. The two cities bidding have put forward very compelling cases to be considered.

Following our President’s Council recently I have had opportunities to engage some presidents on a one on one basis.┬á The impression I come away with from these meetings is that there is definitely a new way of thinking about thinking about SA sport amongst those that I have spoken to.

Most important of them all is the way that our presidents thinking about future funding models for their federations, realising that funding from the Lotto may not be sustainable after all.

It is something that we raised very strongly at our council meeting and it is going to very important for presidents to think very seriously about not just funding but how we make our sport attractive and free of controversies. Having said that we also realise that sponsors have many choices when it comes to where they are going to plough their monies in.

Nothing can be taken for granted anymore and in sport we have to work hard to convince people to invest in what we are doing.

It is heartening to see that arrangements for the IOC session are well taken care of and the team under the leadership of our CEO, Tubby Reddy, are in the process of dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s. We are confident, following the launch in Durban recently, that we will be able to host this event professionally and that the IOC family will be well looked after in our country.┬á SRSA have been very supportive in ensuring that the relevant government departments are fully on board and that roles are clearly defined.

We must however point out that this is an IOC event and the protocols of the IOC will be in force. As SASCOC we will facilitate the event and ensure that all goes according to plan.

Meanwhile our athletes are doing well on the international circuit and the High Performance Unit is making notes about what we see. This will enable us to give a good update to the country on how we are doing with our preparations for London. Our hockey girls have just thrashed Japan 5-1 in Dublin in the Champions Challenge as they bid to be part of Team SA for London 2012.

We hope to give an update of London preparations as soon as we have completed the hosting of the IOC session.

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