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Wentzel’s world mark

Danielle Wentzel shot her way into the record books again recently with a world record in the Compound Cadet Women category.

The Magnum Archery Club archer shot a score of 1403 at the FITA sanctioned Konrad van Warmelo Championships at Marks Park, Johannesburg.

She’s just one of a select few women who have managed to shoot a score of 1400+ from a possible 1440.

From a distance of 60 metres she shot a score of 343, at 50m a score of 356, at 40m a score of 351 and at 30m a score of 353. ┬áOf a total of 144 arrows, 110 arrows were a “10” and 55 arrows were a perfect “X”.

She then went onto the 720 round and set a new world record at 50m of 675 points, beating the previous world record by eight points. FITA have since acknowledged the new world record and SANAA congratulates her on her great achievement.

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