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Chani to miss Cup tie

Our top ranked singles player, Chani Scheepers won’t be part of the national Fed Cup team to play Egypt from 2-7 May.

That’s because Scheepers is already committed to playing in the Matua Madrid Open tournament in Spain at the same time and can’t afford to miss out on picking up more Sony Eriksson Tour points.

The South African Tennis Association made the team announcement at yesterday’s Soweto Open in Johanesburg and the team will be made up of Chanel Simmonds, Natasha Fourocias, Natalie Grandin and Madrie le Roux.

Cairo will be the venue for the Euro-Africa Group 3 tie. The group is made up of 10 teams.

Sapa reports that non-playing team captain Greer Leo-Smith said she was excited about the opportunities Fed Cup tennis provided for younger players. “It’s very encouraging, the position we’re in. We have a very young team with a lot of talent and it will be great to expose them to more big time (international) tennis,” said Leo-Smith.

“The schedule will be tough, we will be playing five matches in six days so it will ask a lot of the players, but I’m sure they will be up for it.”

The South African team is currently in the bottom sixth division of Fed Cup groups but aim to work their way up into the higher sections. “Our goal is to move up in the Fed Cup groups and eventually be competing in the top-tier groups,” added Leo-Smith.

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