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Bianca stars for SA in Tshwane

Bianca Zoonekynd, with three medals, was the star for Team SA at the recent Jannie Jansen International Trampoline, Double-mini Trampoline and Tumbling gymnastics competition at the University of Pretoria in Tshwane.

The event was a showcase between South Africa’s and Canada’s finest trampoline and tumbling gymnasts, all striving to achieve high-quality performances to kick-start their international season. Most of the competitors came from South Africa and Canada with a sprinkling of gymnasts from Namibia and Zimbabwe at this year’s international.

The Euro Tramp Female Open saw South Africa’s top female trampoline star Zoonekynd winning gold, with Canadian Rosannagh MacLennan taking silver. The Euro Tramp Men’s Open saw Canada’s Jason Burnett winning gold with South African stars Strike Nkuna and Lucky Radebe winning silver and bronze.

The Canadians dominated in the Double Mini Open with wins in both the male and female categorie but Zoonekynd won silver in the female category and South Africa’s male trampoline star, Lucky Radebe took the bronze in this category.

Canada dominated the Tumbling Competition, with Alex Siefert & Emily Smith taking the gold in the male and & female competitions. Current African Champion, Zoonekynd continued with her medal winning performances, claiming a silver medal in the female category, with a good performance from South African Andrew Kelly taking the bronze in the men’s category.

While in South Africa the Canadian team also led an outreach programme in Mafikeng.The outreach programme featured tumbling and trampoline demonstrations to the amazed onlookers.The activities which were carried out aimed to inspire and stimulate Mafikeng’s local youth community, who were clearly fascinated and inspired by the manoeuvres of the Canadian and South African gymnasts.

In all, fostering relations with Canada will have a long-term benefit for the sport of Tumbling and Trampoline in South Africa, and the North West, due to the high level of expertise in their athletes and officials.

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