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Archers target worlds

The upcoming national archery championships will be a qualification opportunity for archers participating in the World Archery Championships and Para World Archery Championships to be held later this year in Italy.

The national championships take place between 3-7 April at Rhodes University, Grahamstown and according to Barbara Manning, the South African National Archery Association (SANAA) secretary, “It has been many years since South African archery has been able to offer the world archery platform such a range of young talent”.

Two styles of archery will be shot at the championships – the recurve bow and the compound bow. The latter consists of wheels and pulleys and is more powerful and the less complicated Recurve bow. The Recurve bow is also known as the Olympic style bow as it’s the recognised bow type for the Olympics.

Some of the country’s top archers are expected to participate in the event which carries world ranking status. What makes these championships unique is that it is the first time on the African continent that archers will be exposed to the new rules which take effect on 1 April.

International teams as close as our neighbours in Namibia and as far away as Egypt will be participating in the world ranking event.

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