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President’s Voice — Gideon Sam

My recent focus has been monitoring all our star athletes on the OPEX programme. Sure, there have been some injuries here and there, but we have put together a specialised medical team that is doing fantastic work with these athletes.

With less than 500 days to go before the London Olympics, we are leaving nothing to chance with our athletes on the programme. Any medical interventions must be quick to avoid long processes to recovery.

We also took a long and critical view of the boxing programme. Many people are sure to remember that our boxers who were at Oudtshoorn have completed the first part of their training and our now at various military bases around the country.

A total of 11 boxers have been identified and boxers from the Oudtshoorn programme are in the mix. Three of these boxers are women.  Now, the next step in their preparation is to move to Tempe Military Base in Bloemfontein where they have been given accommodation.  Free State University is very keen to assist us in the preparation of these boxers. We are working with SRSA to see when we can get these boxers to Cuba for some serious training before the qualifiers in the second half of the year. Our aim is to have the complete development of these boxers as we prepare them for bigger things in their lives.

The preparations for the upcoming Sports Indaba is receiving a lot of attention from our teams here at SASCOC. There are joint committees between SASCOC and SRSA driving the preparations for what we believe will be a decisive push to a establish a roadmap for SA sport. We are making our own inputs into the documents that will be tabled at the indaba because in the end it will be our federations that must implement the decisions of the Indaba.

Also, several invited federations met with SRSA recently to lay the foundation for the revitalisation of Wednesday Sport.  Our federations committed themselves to making a success of the programme. Many are of cause involved in school sport but through this programme the intention is to get every school in SA involved.

The SASAPD Championships are taking place in Rustenburg and it’s good to see that some inclement weather hasn’t put our Paralympic stars (present and future!) off their stride and already I see that Oscar Pistorius, Ilse Hayes and Arnu Fourie have taken their second gold medals of the championships.

Finally, we’ve also had the coaches working hard to polish the input into the Coaches Framework that we want to launch in November this year.

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