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Webber’s three great wins

Young Michelle Weber, 14, from KZN found herself in record breaking form at the TELKOM SA Level 3 Swimming Championships in Durban on Sunday.

After two days in the five-day swimming gala she had already set three South African age group records in the middle distance freestyle events. After two days of competition, in this very high standard swim meet, there have already been five SA Age group records.

Weber has without doubt been the stand-out swimmer of the championships so far. On Friday night her awesome swim of 4min 15.83sec in the 400m freestyle saw her go an amazing six seconds under the previous record held by Wendy Trott.

During Saturday’s heats she nonchalantly went under Melissa Corfe’s 10-year-old SA age group record in the 200m freestyle when she recorded 2:05.71.

And then in the finals she set her third SA Age group record in 24 hours when she won the 200m freestyle in 2:03.67 going faster than her fresh record from the morning swim. Like in the 400m freestyle, the youngster from KZN was also the fastest girl’s 200m freestyle swimmer of the meet.

Seals Swimming Club were not to be outdone as two of their swimmers set SA Age group records in the 50m breaststroke on their way to winning four of the six age groups in the girls races. Thirteen-year-old Jamie Reynolds swam to a fine 33.92 to record the first and Tara Nicholas, 15, clocked 32.96 for the record in her age group. Both swims were fine performances from the Pietermaritzburg swim club. The other Seals age group winners were Kristina Rogge, 12, who won in 36.31 and Claire Conlon, 18, who did the top time among the girls with 32.91.

All eyes were on Chad le Clos as he swam his favorite 200m butterfly, a race for which he has won golds at the FINA World Short Course Championships and Commonwealth Games in 2010. He swam superbly, winning in 1:57.55, his splits were 26.28, 56.55 and 1:27.10 going into the final 50m.

ÔÇ£It is a better result than last night’s 400m freestyle, one second faster than the international meet in Port Elizabeth in January, and looking good towards senior nationals in a month’s timeÔÇØ, said a pleased Le Clos.

Later in the evening it was job well done as Le Clos added the 200m freestyle to his growing gold medal collection. It was his second of the evening and his third of the competition. He won the event in 1:51.20 with Myles Brown, like in the 400m the evening before, in second place in 1:52.45. Dylan Bosch of Waterborn pushed them all the way to the line, rounding off the men’s medals with a time of 1:52.92.

Vanessa Mohr, 15, was ranked well ahead of the field in the womens 200m butterfly but a surprising race developed as Jessica Liss, 15, found herself alongside Mohr with 50m to go. Mohr won well in the end, but Liss never gave up as she chased Mohr all the way. Many will remember Jessica Liss as the 12-year old who missed qualification for the Beijing Olympics by hundredths of a second and it was good to see her enjoying a race again. Mohr won in 2:20.20, with Liss coming in at 2:21.01

In the Boys 100m Backstroke event Michael Meyer from Central Gauteng was the fastest. He won the 17-18 years in 57.66 from Neil de Villiers (Tuks) who did 58.04 and Chris van der Sande in third on 58.44.

A tussle ensued among the 16-year old boys. Paul van Achterbergh (WSTV) found great strength in the final yards to win in 58.53 ahead of Zaahir Gamiet (Vine) in 58.72. Christopher Reid (Aqub) and Mathys Goosen (Watr) were at least a body length ahead of the rest of the swimmers in the 15 and 14 years age groups with times of 59.49 and 1:01.19.
Divan du Pisanie (Tuks) and Ude Fuchs (PSA) won the 13 and 12 year age groups in 1:04.80 and 1:06.17.

Natasha de Vos triumphed out of lane eight in the womens 100m backstroke event with 1:04.55. She led the way ahead of tied second place finishers Michelle Pistorius (PASC) and Oneida Cooper (Bish) in 1:05.54.

The leading challenge came from Janneke Malan in the 15-year olds race. Malan, from Worcester won by more than two seconds ahead of her race opponents in 1:04.60. Tamlyn Crafford (Watr) won the 16-year-olds race in 1:06.57 and Kyna Pereira (NDSA) the 14-years in 1:06.97.

Marlies Ross (Tuks), 13, won in 1:08.88 and Nathania van Niekerk (PSA), 12, in 1:08.99.

TELKOM SA Level 3 Championships, Kings Park Pool, Durban
Results Finals Day  Two

100m Backstroke
12 & Under
Boys: 1. Ude Fuchs (PSA) 1m06.17, 2. Clayton van Staden (Seal) 1m10.63, 3. Ben-Jason Dixon (Vine) 1m11.11
Girls: 1. Nathania van Niekerk (PSA) 1m08.99, 2. Ame Kleynhans (Tuks) 1m10.27, 3. Tatum Tarpey (Sgull) 1m10.46
13 Years
Boys: 1. Divan du Piesanie (Tuks) 1m04.80, 2. Louis Venter (Blfi) 1m05.01, 3. Kyle van Niekerk (Watr) 1m06.10
Girls: 1. Marlies Ross (Tuks) 1m08.88, 2. Rita Naude (Tuks) 1m09.30, 3. Carla Nel (SS-LP) 1m09.48
14 Years
Boys: 1. Mathys Goosen (Watr) 1m01.19,  2. Wilmar du Plessis (BLSS) 1m02.44, 3. Bryan Gray (KDORP) 1m02.65
Girls: 1. Kyna Pereira (NDSA) 1m06.97, 2. Olivia de Waal (VINE) 1m07.19, 3. Sabrina Kaszechki (Watr) 1m07.21
15 Years
Boys: 1. Christopher Reid (AQUB) 59.49, 2. Todd Skinner (MDOL) 1m00.48, 3. Mickey Oliver (SEAL) 1m01.35
Girls: 1. Janneke Malan ((WHFC) 1m04.62, 2. Tammy Price (AQUB) 1m06.78, 3. Michaela Barnes (AQUB) 1m07.05
16 Years
Boys: 1. Paul van Achterbergh (WSTV) 58.53, 2. Zaahir Gamiet (VINE) 58.72, Reynier Pretorius (BLOT) 59.59
Girls: 1. Tamlyn Crafford (Watr) 1m06.57, 2. Sarah-Ann Bouwer (Bish) 1m08.27, 3. Brittany Reeves (Bars) 1m08.75
17 ÔÇô 18 Years
Boys: 1. Michael Meyer (MDOL) 57.66, 2. Neil de Villiers (TUKS) 58.04, 3. Chris vd Sande (KASA) 58.44
Girls: 1. Natasha de Vos (Tuks) 1m04.55, 2.  Michelle Pistorius (PASC) 1m05.54, 2.Oneida Cooper (Bish) 1m05.54
200m Butterfly
12 ÔÇô 14 years
Boys: 1. Matthys Goosen (Watr) 2m11.64, 2. Dayne Odendaal (Action) 2m15.59, 3. BF Burger (Cens) 2m17.09
Girls: 1. Lizani Bester (Tuks) 2m28.59, Tarryn Els (PEA) 2m31.43, Katherine Lotter (Players) 2m31.43
15 ÔÇô 18 years
Boys: 1. Chad Le Clos (Sgull) 1m57.55, 2. Dylan Bosch (Watr) 2m01.80, Heinrich Alberts (PSA) 2m02.53
Girls: 1. Vanessa Mohr (Tuks) 2m20.20, Jessica Liss (Aqub) 2m21.01, 3. Lindsay McLeod 2m25.03
50m Breaststroke
12 & Under
Boys: 1. Bailey Musgrave (NDSA) 34.78, 2. Thys Basson (Barr) 35.39, 3. Tristan Haig (BENS) 35.97
Girls: 1. Kristina Rogge (SEAL) 36.31, 2. Erin Anderson (MUST) 36.35, Erin Gallagher (Sgull) 37.20
13 Years
Boys: 1. Darren Britz ( Watr) 33.43, 2. Christiaan Jacobz (DDA) 34.08, 3. MJ Koekemoer 34.16
Girls: 1. Jamie Reynolds ((SEAL) 33.92, Marlies Ross (Tuks) 34.41, 3. Christi Swanepoel (CENS) 35.06
14 Years
Boys: 1. Brenden Crawford 31.11, 2. Joshua Quiterres (PASC) 31.22, 3. Tasheeq Davids (MANT) 31.43
Girls: 1. Lizani Bester (TUKS) 34.43, Kirstyn Fourie (AQUB) 34.74, 3. Jolandi Els (BLSS) 34.94
15 Years
Boys: 1. Craig Emslie (VINE) 30.56, 2. Christopher Ryan (MDOL) 30.69, 3. Johan Erasmus (WELS) 31.41
Girls: 1. Tara Nicholas (SEAL) 32.96, 2. Nikki Kirkby (SEAL) 33.79, 3. Amy Weyer (VIKI) 34.33
16 Years
Boys: 1. James Lawson (ZIM) 30.04, 2. Lee Geeson (KLOOF) 30.29, Blayne Duffy (PFSC) 30.41
Girls:  Genna Greevelink (Aqub) 34.60, 2. Danielle Small (PFSC) 34.72, Annelet Rossouw (Tuks) 34.83
17 ÔÇô 18 Years
Boys: Fabian Ruszcynski (SASE) 29.83, 2. Christopher Cowley (PASC) 29.99, 3.Marco Husselman (PASC) 30.05
Girls: 1. Claire Conlon (SEAL) 32.91, Franko Jonker (Tuks) 33.16, 3. Kelly Gunnell (MDOL) 33.34
200m Freestyle
12 & Under
Boys: 1. Kevin Bargate (Action) 2m06.99, 2. Ude Fuchs (PSA) 2m12.51, Danie van der Merwe (Harl) 2m13.98
Girls: 1. Nikita Bauristhene (Wstv) 2m15.21, Zandelee Terblanche (WSTV) 2m16.03, Caitlin Bosma (PFSC) 2m16.14
13 Years
Boys: 1. Kyle van Niekerk (Watr) 2m04.15, Gareth Wood (MUST) 2m05.27, Eben Vorster (CENS) 2m07.51
Girls: Marlies Ross (Tuks) 2m12.30, 2. Katherine Lotter (PASC) 2m14.27, 3. Demi Lopes (PASC) 2m14.36
14 Years
Boys: 1. Mathys Goosen (Watr) 1m59.25, 2. Bryan Gray (KDOR) 1m59.79, 3. Mark Hunter (SEAL) 2m02.50
Girls: 1. Michelle Weber (Action) 2m03.67, 2. Kyna Pereira (NDSA) 2m08.30, Sabrina Kaszechki (Watr) 2m09.37
15 Years
Boys: 1. Christopher Reid (Aqub) 1m57.26, Juan-Claude Fitchat (Seal) 1m59.02, 3. Caydon Muller (Tuks) 2m00.46
Girls: 1. Zoe Venter (Mdol) 2m08.68, Jennifer van Heerden (Cado) 2m08.83, 3. Michaela Barnes (Aqub) 2m09.59
16 Years
Boys: 1. Jonathan van der Merwe (PASC) 1m55.71, 2. Reynard  Wessels (Blot) 1m56.51, 3. Ruan du Plessis (Blss) 1m58.09
Girls: 1. Vanessa Mohr (Tuks) 2m05.68, 2. Lindsay McLeod (Action) 2m06.54, 3. Kayla Ferreira (PASC) 2m08.63
17 ÔÇô 18 Years
Boys: 1. Chad le Clos (Sgul) 1m51.20, 2. Myles Brown (Sgul) 1m52.45, 3. Dylan Bosch (Watr) 1m52.92
Girls: 1. Natasha de Vos (Tuks) 2m05.29, 2. Terrianne Brown (HARL) 2m07.46, 3. Jo-Mari van Zyl (MDOL) 2m09.01

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