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Canoeists take on Icelandic mission

Extreme sportsman Riaan Manser has headed off on his next global mission, this time to circumnavigate Iceland by kayak.

Manser, for the first time, undertakes his journey with a partner, Dan Skinstad, on a trip that will see the pair set a record of the first two South Africans to paddle around the island’s Arctic waters by kayak. They embarked on their journey on 16 March 2011.

Sponsored by Windhoek Lager, Riaan and Dan will conquer the entire coastline of 4800 kilometres on a kayak without aid, circumnavigating the entire island. The duo will have to rely on their survival instincts to source food and water, restore any potential damage their kayak may incur and negotiate the many challenges they will come across such as gruelling weather conditions – and finding a place to dock every night.

Mark von Bentheim, marketing manager of the Windhoek trademark in South Africa says: ÔÇ£Riaan shows the unwavering commitment, strength of character and adventurous spirit that is at the essence of the brand. We recently supported Riaan on his last expedition where he became the first person to kayak 5000km around Madagascar unaided and have no doubt that he will make us proud once more.ÔÇØ

An enthused and motivated Manser stated: “It’s great that my relationship with Windhoek has grown even further to the point of the brand supporting me in realising this personal dream.┬áThe Around Iceland on Inspiration journey will be a new journey of discovery for me and I hope to inspire a lot of people.ÔÇØ

Whilst Riaan is a seasoned adventurer, for Dan, the trip will be new terrain and an opportunity to exceed the physical limitations set by his mild cerebral palsy condition.

The pair has been training rigorously for the trip including kayaking in Hout Bay waters and countless sessions at the Sport Science Institute in a chamber that is a simulated kayak. Riaan’s preparation also included eight days spent in a refrigerated container.

The duo left Cape Town on the evening on 16 March 2011 and are expecting to finish their journey in four months, returning home around mid-July.

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