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Sanctions for ASA trio

Suspended Athletics South Africa president Mr Leonard Chuene and board members Mr Kakata Mopanyane and Dr Simon Dlamini have all been removed from their posts with immediate effect.

This follows a lengthy investigation by South Africa’s Olympic governing body SASCOC (South African Confederation and Olympic Committee) which reached the following conclusion in Johannesburg on Thursday, 17 February, 2011.

Following Chuene, Mopanyane and Dlamini’s failure to appear before the disciplinary panel at Olympic House on Thursday, 17 Feb, Advocate Norman Arendse handed down the following sanctions in their absence.

Advocate Arendse ruled that Messrs Chuene, Maponyane and Dlamini be immediately removed from the ASA Board and Council and that their positions be declared vacant. The basis for their removal is to be found in the ASA Constitution Clause 17.5.9.

Futhermore Mr Chuene is barred from holding any position in Athletics or any other code of sport under the jurisdiction of SASCOC for a period of seven (7) years with effect from 17 February, 2011.

Mr Maponyane received the same sanctions but for a period of five (5) years and Dr Dlamini for three (3) years.

Should Mr Chuene wish to return to Athletics any earlier he must be required to show cause why he should return within a shorter period.

In considering whether he should be allowed to return the following three conditions are to be taken into account:

A) Whether the legal costs against Mr Chuene are paid
B) Whether Mr Chuene has repaid the money he unconstitutionally appropriated, including the per diems, cash loans and corporate credit card usage
C) Whether Mr Chuene has shown any remorse for his actions

The same conditions apply to both Mr Maponyane and Dr Dlamini should they wish to return to Athletics within a shorter period, save for Condition B above.

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