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ASA look to Africa

On the eve of the 2011 Yellow Pages athletics season, Athletics South Africa has announced selection standards for the international events for the year.

In a change from the past, ASA is placing a greater focus on African competitions, including the Southern Region youth and senior championships and the African junior championships, reports Sapa.

“We feel the African events are good grounding competitions, especially for the younger and less experienced athletes”, says ASA chairperson, James Evans. “It is important for us at ASA to support our fellow Africans. As the Southern Region events are virtually on our borders the cost of sending a team to these is far less than sending teams overseas.

“By supporting the Southern Region events with bigger teams, we are able to give more athletes the opportunity to experience international competition.”

A further change in emphasis is that athletes wanting to qualify for the World Championships will have to meet or better the IAAF standards.

In the past athletes were required to compete in their specialist event in at least three of the Yellow Pages meetings and at the South African Championships.

Now athletes will not be required to participate at certain events to be considered for selection, but they will need to produce the performances required of them.

Throughout the Yellow Pages Series, Athletics SA will provide the athletes with opportunities to compete at a high level. The team for the World Youth Championships in Lille, France in July will be chosen from the team to compete at the Southern Region Youth Championships in Namibia in April.

That team, and the team for the African Junior Championships, will be chosen after the Yellow Pages SA Junior, Youth and u23 Championships in April.

The team for the World Championships in Athletics will be selected after the Southern Region Senior Championships and the meetings in Europe during that season.

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