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Mona’s on the move

Weightlifter Mona Pretorious has shrugged off the disappointment at not being able to compete at the Commonwealth Games in India and is back in action.

Mark Etheridge writes that she’s also relocated from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town to have closer contact with coach Aveenash Pandoo. This after the disappointment of the Commonwealth Games where she tore calf muscles while warming up for the competition.

The 22-year-old blonde took part in her first competition for the year earlier this month. “It was my first competition for the year, basically all the top clubs in Port Elizabeth where competing.

“We basically just went up to 90% effort to make sure we are on target with our training and I did more than what I bargained for that day as we didn’t go all out.

“I did 76kg snatch and 98kg clean and jerk and my calf has been feeling very good too. My best is 81kg snatch and 101kg clean and jerk so it wasn’t far off.”

On her move away from Port Elizabeth: “It’s great being in Cape Town. I’m loving it here and training with all my fellow athletes.”

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