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TSA backs ITU 2016 para-triathlon bid

Triathlon is one of the most eagerly anticipated sporting codes by spectators of the Olympic Games.

Now the ITU (Internation Triathlon Union) is pushing to have the para-triathlon entered into the 2016 Paralympic Games and Triathlon SA President, Dr Debbie Alexander has put the Federations full support behind the bid.

“Triathlon South Africa joins the ITU and the international triathlon community in backing the bid for para-triathlon to be included in the 2016 paralympic games.

“Given South Africa’s strong focus on developing and supporting Paralympic athletes in the disciplines of athletics, swimming and cycling as well as the quality of disabled athletes that have participated in local triathlons over the years,┬áI have no doubt that we will have athletes on the startline and on the podium in 2016.

“With the calibre, committment and dedication┬áof our┬áathletes, coaches and support structures┬áthe inclusion of para-triathlon┬áin the Paralympics┬áis for us an obvious choice. I trust that the rest of the┬áSouth African and African triathlon and sporting community will join me┬áin supporting the bid.┬á Please go to the triathlon.org website and click on the Facebook link to back the para-triathlon bid for the Paralympics.”

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