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Champ Teagan laid low

World BMX champion Teagan O’Keeffe has suffered a setback with severe sickness but will soon be tearing up the track again, writes Mark Etheridge.

O’Keeffe, who won the Junior Women’s Cruiser Class at the BMX World Junior championships in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal earlier this year, spent a night in hospital this week after emergency surgery.

The problem was an abscess on her tonsils that became infected and bled internally. Explained O’Keeffe’s mother, Dawn: “Emergency was the key word as she has a massive abcess on her tonsil and it has been bleeding and poisoning her system for some time now.”

Teagan was also in action for Team South Africa at the inaugural Youth Olympics in Singapore a few months back.

“It actually all started there,” said Dawn. “And it just got worse. When she went to race in France last month they ended up putting needles into her tonsils but that was only temporary relief. The doctor who has just discharged her said she should have been in hospital on a drip a long time ago He just shook her head at how tough she is.”

The good news though is that the Kloof teenager will soon be back in the saddle and competing again.

“The doctor reckons she’ll need to take about 10 days off training and then she can hit the bike again.”

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