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Team SA’s Games over

South Africa’s Commonwealth Games campaign is done and dusted in Delhi after para table tennis player Aletta Moll lost her bronze medal play-off on Thursday morning.

All that now remains is Thursday evening’s closing ceremony after which the remainder of Team South Africa will return home with a total of 33 medals in their luggage, made up of 12 gold, 11 silver and 10 bronze medals.

Many of the team members have moved out of the village and are already either back home in South Africa or at their various bases around the globe. Some of the swimmers have moved on to more competitions like the FINA/Arena World Cup currently being staged.

As was widely expected the swimmers and athletes brought home the bulk of the medals. The swimmers won 16 medals in total and the athletes five. The track and field total would surely have been higher had world 800-metre champions Mbulaeni Mulaudzi and Caster Semenya not being laid low by injury while Olympic silver medallist Khotso Mokoena was also a last minute no-show.

Stars of the Games were swimmers Chad le Clos (two golds, a silver and a bronze), Cameron van der Burgh (two golds and a silver) and Natalie Du Toit, who ended a glittering Commonwealth career with three gold medals.

As they have done at previous Commonwealth Games the lawn bowlers also came to the party with three golds of their own, in the men’s and women’s trips and the men’s pairs.

Wrestling also grabbed its share of publicity with a welcome five medals. Archery mucked in with two medals and gymnastics and Sevens Rugby won one apiece.

With just a handful of medals to be contested on Thursday, South Africa were tucked into fifth spot behind Australia, England, India and Canada and narrowly ahead of their continental counterparts Kenya and Nigeria

Their fifth position is the same as at the last Commonwealth Games in Melbourne, Australia four years ago. They also won the same number of gold medals but five less in total. However the team that travelled to India was a lot smaller than the squad of more than 200 that went to Australia.


  1. Shocking SASCOC!!!

    October 14, 2010 at 10:32 am

    They are currently in 5th position; both Malaysia and Singapore can still finish above them, which will be a truly pathetic result for the team.

  2. Shocking SASCOC!!!

    October 14, 2010 at 10:35 am

    Oh dear! Malaysia now has 12 Gold and 34 Medals in total! Shock, shock horror!!

  3. Track Enthusiast

    October 14, 2010 at 10:39 am

    Firstly congratulations to the medal winners, the finalists and also very importantly those who improved on their performance and have placed themselves as future Olympic contenders. I personally and I am sure South African are proud of you.

    To the Team management as well – a great job in keeping the team focused. But to the SASCOC leadership I must state that despite the medals won at these games the fact of the matter is that you have failed in your quest to go better and dominate.

    Our swimmers really excelled and I am sure if we took a few more swimmers we could have had some depth. I am quite sure there are some swimmers out there sitting at home thinking they could have been in a final and possibly medalled. but nevertheless a plan is a plan and SASCOC had one.

    The plan has failed when you consider that Athletics (and the same crop of athletes where available)only returned with 4 medals from the eventual 6 of 11 athletes through your master plan. But when you consider the perfromances at these champs I must list the athletes that sat at home and could have won medals

    1.Juan van Deventer – has run at least 5 seconds faster than the winning time in the 1500m for men but he was left behind under SASCOC’s plan.

    2.Johan Cronje – has run at least 4 seconds faster than the winning time in the 1500m for men but he was left behind under SASCOC’s plan.

    3.Pieter van der Westhuizen – has run at least 5 seconds faster than the winning time in the 1500m for men but he was left behind under SASCOC’s plan.

    4.Cornel Fredericks – has run 48.79 and could at worst collected Bronze in the 400m Hurdles.

    5.Hardus Pienaar – has beaten the gold and silver medalist at the commonwealth and could have returned with a Gold for SA. He has thrown about 3m further than the winner.

    6.Our 4 x 400m Men (Mogawane, Sishi, Lj and Cornel) were gold medal contenders.

    7.Our 4 x 100m Men who got bronze in the Continental CUp and are African Champions could have medalled in India.

    8.Luvo Maniyonga who has a 8.19 Pb this season could have gotten at least a bronze.

    9.Janice Josephs jumped a 6.38m in Stellenbosh a month before the games in a quiet stadium with no one pushing her. That would have been good enough for bronze at the Commonwealth and who knows what she was capable of in that athmosphere with thousands of people cheering.

    10.Parsons Magagane was another 1500m athlete who qualified and ran faster than the winning time in that 1500m for men.

    I will add to this list as things come to mind but the one thing we must admit for a fact is that SASCOC and the ASA leadership under the Stander spell do not know our South African athletes and of the selectors say that they selected the team then they are also clueless. SASCOC may have implemented a top 4 ranking in the commonwealth as a guideline to be selected (which was not communicated to the athletes or provinces) but they contradicted themselves by approving an A standard for qualification. Once again proving that they don’t understand the sport neither do they know the athletes and I have ten reasons listed above to prove they don’t.

    Gideon Sam also suggested that he was surprised that Okert Brits could inspire some young boy to take up pole vault – well Gideon now that you have one that is in the top 4 in the commonwealth are you going to discard him because he didn’t win a medal or will he be nurtured for 2016 with the likes of the up-coming juniors suchs as Luvo Maniyonga and Tazmin Brits??? You have no plan – we don’t see it in action…

  4. Shocking SASCOC!!!

    October 14, 2010 at 10:54 am

    Oh dear! Yet another Badminton gold for Malaysia.

  5. Shocking SASCOC!!!

    October 14, 2010 at 12:24 pm

    South Africa’s blushes are spared by India winning gold in the women Badminton singles. Gideon himself is going to send her his paycheck for saving his ass. Had Malaysia won SA would’ve finished 6th on the medal table, we are 5th by virtue of fact that we have 1 more silver than Kenya and Malaysia, although Malaysia have more medals in total. A truly appalling state of affairs for sport in SA.

  6. Faruq Bello

    October 14, 2010 at 1:45 pm

    SA needs to have a lot more ambition than it presently have. The All-Africa Games Top position has been lost to Egypt without much of a fight at the last 2 Games. SA has to sort out the problem with its selectors, coaches and general administration of sport.

  7. Scelo

    October 14, 2010 at 2:27 pm

    Thank you SASCOC for the update through out the games you guys were on point keep up the good work.

  8. Abel

    October 14, 2010 at 8:16 pm

    “track enthusiast” ek hoop die grootkoppe sien jou opmerkings raak………..what an opportunity lost to a lot of athletes…..please ASA – do not make the same mistakes again…….take us forward!

  9. Track Enthusiast

    October 15, 2010 at 11:39 am

    When Moss failed he should have stepped doen. I hope Gideon is humble enough to accept that he was wrong and there needs to be a re-think on the strategy.

    Taking 6 swimmers and 6 athletes along with a few boxers, a few shooters and a bmx rider will not guarantee you 12 medals in 2012.

    If you couldn’t get more medals than a country that only does athletics (Kenya and Nigeria) and how on earth are you going to get 12 medals in 2012. And remember the strong Paralympic Athletes will not be in London to save your Bacon.

    You owe it to South Africa to make sure that everyone that has even the slightest chance of being in final should go to 2012 so that we maximise the chances of medals.

    Like I said in previous blog… even some of the world record holders don’t win medals at Olympics – Chad le Clos is a good example of one of those athletes that we expected to feature behind the likes of Roland Schoeman but he outshone them (Roland also did very well) but another South African swimmer who went in as a favourite but finished outside the medals is not a wasted effort. He has the potential and with a bit of focus on what let him down in that final I am sure he can gain a few tenths if not even a second by 2012 to get him in contention for a medal. Build on what we have don’t be a destroyer of potential.

    I totally understand leaving people behind if they are just development and can’t even get into a final but SASCOC left behind athletes that have not only proven that they are capable of keeping the SA flying high but they have also done the job of meeting the qualifying standards and all of them could have made the teams of Australia, Jamaica, Canada, Nigeria and even England! We have no excuse for leaving them behind.

    Go check the website of SASCOC and see how many of those medalists are on the Opex list and you will know that SASCOC has no structired plan. They come up with it as they go along!

    Quick summary from SASCOC site:

    1.No tennis players on Opex list- we won medals there in the past
    2.No shooters on opex program.
    3.No weightlifters
    4.No Only 1 boxer (and he didn’t even go to the commonwealth)
    5.Chad le Clos and Heerden Herman not even on opex list but they were medal winners (they are both between 17-19 years old)

    To make matters worse the following codes do not participate at the Olympics and won medals at the Commonwealth-

    1.Lawn Bowls – they won 3 gold in India
    2.Disabled Sport – they won 3 gold in India and 1 silver.

    So what is the master plan Gideon speaks about? Wake up people Gideon and his backers are misleadding us. Where are all his backers now, the people that said that we were just moaning and that they are tired of hearing about development now and that it is time that we only took quality to these games – wake up! You left the quality behind because you didn’t recognise it.

    My rating:

    Athletes at the Commonwealth – 7/10 (they did their best)
    Management at the Commonwealth – 8/10 (they seem to be organised.I did not hear of any problems, they kept the team focussed despite all the rumours about things in India)
    SASCOC – 2/10 (Their arrogance and short-sight has allowed them to miss the obvious)

  10. Clive

    October 17, 2010 at 4:46 pm

    You are correct “Track Enthusiast”. The Olympics is far bigger than the Commonwealth with the USA, the former Soviet Union now split into many medal winning states, Cuba who are fast emerging as a superpower in sport, China who are already a superpower and poised to take over from USA and I haven’t even mentioned that we hae not beaten Kenya at the Olympics since our return.

    So the reverend Stofile is correct in saying we must prepare well for 2012 but I don’t think he knows how ill-prepared SA really is. They need to focus on 2016 at the same time that they are preparing for 2012 because 1 year before the Olympics SASCOC cannot tell you who are the medal contenders. They only have Caster and Khotos who they have not managed well. How can you push an athlete who is a medal cotender for your Olympic team into a major championship when he has just returned from injury and has declared that he has been unable to train?

    South African Sport Administrators sometimes behave like amateurs because they feel that if they listen to the athletes and coaches in planning then this may make them lose power. Get some new administrators in.

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