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In the CEO’s Chair – Tubby Reddy

What an opening ceremony in Delhi with India showing the Commonwealth and indeed the world they have the capability to dazzle.The opening ceremony has made for a remarkable turnaround in the last three weeks. I was in Delhi to assess the situation back then and I had reservations about whether we’d be in this situation at the start of the Games. Credit to them for getting it right, although I am sure they would have preferred a less stressful lead in to the Games.

The Indian media certainly don’t allow for any excuses and they have been very hard on their local organising committee. The main thing is the Games are underway and South Africa got on the medal table on Day one.

It was great to be at the Aquatic centre to see Chad le Clos getting gold and to see the enthusiasm from his colleagues and the sprinkling of South Africans here in support of the squad.

Chad’s reaction highlighted just what the Games mean to athletes and that is what makes the situation with Khotso Mokoena that much more disappointing. As I said in an earlier press statement SASCOC has not taken lightly to the absence of Mokoena and there will be an official investigation post the Games.

The focus for now is on who is here and if the performance is consistent with the athletes’ Commonwealth rankings we should consolidate our fifth position and perhaps even improve it to four.

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