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Caster withdrawn from Games

Delhi: Team South Africa Chief Medical Officer Shuaib Manjra has withdrawn Caster Semenya from the Commonwealth Games to be held in New Delhi from 3-14 October.

Manjra, in a SASCOC statement, said that Semenya underwent medical testing in Johannesburg on Tuesday and scans confirmed a back injury.

Semenya also confirmed that she had been suffering serious lower back pain and had not been comfortable during her last few races.

SASCOC’s medical team had only been made aware of her condition in the last 48 hours and on being informed immediately requested medical testing.

Manjra said the athlete’s well-being and health were priorities and while her absence robbed South Africa of a potential gold medallist, he did not want to risk serious injury with the pending 2011 Athletics World Championships and London’s 2012 Olympics.

‘It would serve no purpose to have an athlete in Delhi who was struggling with any sort of injury that would compromise performance and it is our medical view that physically and emotionally she would not be capable of doing justice to her talent at an event of this magnitude,’ said Majra, who added that no final medical decision had been made in relation to long jump specialist Khotso Mokoena and 800 metres World Champion Mbualeni Mulaudzi, whose participation is also in doubt.

‘We are awaiting the result of an MRI scan conducted on Mulaudzi on Tuesday and we have to assess Khotso’s readiness in competing at a tournament post recovery from an injury.’


  1. Pieter Vermaak

    September 29, 2010 at 6:47 am

    good. these athletes dont wanna be in India so why take them? they hiding behind injury excuses. if they dont wanna compete for their country so be it and move on. leave them behind

  2. Track Enthusiast

    September 29, 2010 at 8:59 am

    Injuries are part of sport. If these athletes have scans and a medical opinion that rules them out of the games who are we to question their withdrawal. In any event SASCOC’s short-sightedness is now exposed because they want to take a small group of athletes to dominate athletics??? Are these guys for real?

    How on earth can you explain leaving behind athletes who are in the top 10 and some even in the top 6 but you take teams that don’t rank as well as the athletes do. And to make matters worse, athletics has over 100 medals on offer compared to the team sports where only 3 medals per team event is up for grabs and they take only 11 athletes – what a joke.

    It will be interesting to see what their plan is for 2012. Maybe just take 12 medal potentials and they will get their 12 medals.

  3. Pissed off

    September 29, 2010 at 12:06 pm

    Well done Gideon Sam you really stuffed this one up!!! Your “Golden Girl” has let you down, maybe next time you should consider athletes who are there to achieve their goals and get medals and not athletes who you have put there for publicity, or who are scared to compete, and now blame it on injuries!! What a disgrace, let’s hope we come home with one track medal – go LJ!! Hopefully our field athletes can perform and bring a few more medals home!
    Maybe next time you should take these “passengers” you didn’t want to take with, they might just surprise you! Less is definitely not more in this case!!!
    Congratulations again for ruining the hopes and dreams of dedicated athletes, for what…… nothing!!!!
    2012 selection will be very interesting, as for World Champs 2011 in Korea, hopefully all these bad injuries are healed!

  4. Rage

    September 29, 2010 at 2:44 pm

    Pissed off!

    You comments leaves a bitter taste in ones mouth! I will repeat the comments of Track Enthusiast: “If people are injured and have medical documents to back their claims, than who are we to judge them”. I don’t know who gives you the right to ask such questions.

    Mr Sam, you have destroyed the hopes and dreams of athletes. I hope you, your CEO and Board have learnt a valuable lesson out of this major blunder….. Now Butana Kompela and Chuene are laughing at you. Surely you will have to appear before parlaiment after the games!

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