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Two changes for Team SA

By Mark Etheridge

Two replacements have been named in Team South Africa for the upcoming Commonwealth Games in New Delhi, India.

The replacements come in the women’s hockey team and men’s cycling squad. Mariette Rix stays at home while veteran Pietie Coetzee takes her spot for the trip east.

The change means that coach Giles Bonnet will only have one goalkeeper for the Games but the inclusion of Coetzee gives him added firepower up front.

Explained SA Hockey Association CEO Marissa Langeni. “Rixy has had a long-standing back problem and with three games in quick succession at the recent World Cup in Argentina there was very little time for her back to rehabilitate. So while there’s a slight risk now with only one ‘keeper in Vuyisanani Mangisa we gain in other areas of the game with Pietie being one of the best drag-flickers in the world.”

The cycling switch was enforced due to a training incident involving members of the MTN team near Pretoria. Commonwealth Games rider Jaco Venter was one of the riders who went down after hitting a pothole.

He broke his arm in three places and will be out for some time. He is replaced by Team Medscheme’s Johann Rabie.

Twenty-three year old Rabie is now in his fifth years as a professional rider and as luck would have it, already has first hand experience of Indian conditions. “I was in India three weeks ago to do a race there on the same circuit so at least know what two expect.

“My training has been going well but I’ll try to do some more long rides before Commonwealth as racing in SA is only 100km where Commonwealth is 160km but its still a great privilege to represent SA.”


  1. Leonard Chuene

    September 19, 2010 at 8:50 pm

    Now if they allow changes in these minor sports, than they should allow changes or additions in the athletics team that will win medals at the olympics.

    to date, athletics is the only sport that has consistently medalled at the olympics and we get the worst treatment.

  2. @ Sam

    September 20, 2010 at 9:29 am

    A brave man indeed but you speak the truth Leonard. SASCOC have still not explained why some World Class athletes like World Junior Champion;Luvo Manonga, 2008 Olympic finalist; Juan van Deventer, Top 6 400m Hurdles ranker in 2010;Cornel Frederix and IAAF Continental Cup medalist in the Javelin; Hardus Pienaar have not been included but they are now taking people who were not even good enough to make the SA team in the first place [passengers by their definition]

    Answer us please???

  3. Track Enthusiast

    September 20, 2010 at 9:51 am

    Lets wait for the post-mortem on the teams performance after the Commonwealth. And if Sam and his team have got it wrong they should be brave enough to vacate their posts.

    I am saying this because they have taken a very bold decision in leaving these World Class athletes out in favour of their strong message of not taking passengers even though they have just broken that rule. So if their decision results in the answers we already know then they must face the chop! Or leave in a dignified manner. They must not blame athletics if they do not get the targeted medals they must blame their system of leaving behing major medal contenders and refusing to listen when they were told.

  4. whatfor

    September 20, 2010 at 10:19 am

    Leonard I beleive that there are other teams eg Table tennis, that are not ranked top 4 in the CW. Its too late to include the mentioned athletes. The big Question now is: Who is going to take the responsibility for team SA not delivering? Surely it must be the same person who made comments like “athletics and swimming must produce the medals” or else they will be held accountable. Who selected the final team? These persons must account to all SA citizens why they made such silly discisions. 11 Athletes must produce 12 medals. Previously 56 athletes produced 12 medals, 4.6 athletes per medal. Now each athlete must win 1.1 medals to equal the previous performance.

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