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In the CEO’s chair — Tubby Reddy

There’s absolutely no doubting the fact that the Soccer World Cup has dominated people’s lives not only locally, but around the entire globe this past month.

It would be great to be able to say that I was lucky enough to take a month’s leave, put my feet up and watch all 64 games from the comfort of my living room.

But the sporting life doesn’t work like that and I can tell you I’ve had my hands full in recent weeks, although I have to admit that I’ve managed to get to take in at least some of the games around the country.

Before the World Cup, myself and Leon Fleister (he’s the project manager for our team to compete at the inaugural Youth Olympics in August) did a recce visit to Singapore to see how the facilities are looking.

And I’m glad to be able to say that everything is looking very good. In fact the accommodation is quite superb. The team won’t have any reason to complain. My one worry was that, I guess like most Asian countries this time of the year, conditions are extremely hot and humid.

Then we came back and I managed to get to the World Cup quarter-final between Brazil and Netherlands in Port Elizabeth.

When I was in Cape Town I paid a visit to the SA Navy base in Simon’s Town just to see how their set-up works. This is in line with us using as many different ways and methods of improving our sport. This is much like our boxing project that has taken off so well, with our top amateur boxers being based in Oudtshoorn. The navy may well become involved at some stage down the road.

In Cape Town we hosted the IOC vice-president Mr Thomas Bach. He was obviously here to watch the soccer but while he was here we took him to dinner hosted by the Deputy Minister of Sport, Gert Oosthuizen.

Coming up later in July we’ll be looking at the first announcement of the South African team for the Commonwealth Games in October. I’ll also be heading off to New Delhi for a final recce of facilities there on July 31.

Getting back to the World Cup and there is no doubt that it has been hugely successful for South Africa. The mood has been just incredible.

Obviously people are getting swept up in the whole euphoria of the event and are asking questions about bidding for the 2020 Olympics.

That’s all good and well but we have to wait until after the World Cup has left our shores before we can start really gauging what’s been going on behind the scenes.

That’s the important thing — to see just what sort of global feedback we get in the aftermath of the World Cup. Being a multi-sport event, the Olympic Games are a completely different ball game to the World Cup and an awful amount of thorough research and homework must be done.

Preparation and patience will be key words as we consider our way forward from this point.

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  1. worldcup

    July 25, 2010 at 10:51 pm

    Dear Mr Reddy

    I commend you for the work you have done over the years at NOCSA and now SASCOC.

    I believe you are absolutely correct in saying that a huge amount of research needs to be done before such a decision can be made.

    South Africa lost a previous bid for the olympic games, meaning that we are now more prepared. Now just the mere fact that we had a bid so many years ago, hosted various international competition, including the Soccer World Cup is a clear indication that we are ready.

    My suggestion is that University Sport South Africa USSA in conjunction with SASCOC host the World Student Games, which is a stepping stone for countries who want to host the Olympic Games.

    I further recommend that you encourage federations to host individual international championships, which improves our skills in organizing events.

    If one listened to the interview of the IOC President, it seemed like an open invitation for SA to host the olympic games in 2020.

    Our Socio economic conditions have improved drastically, so we are in a position to put in a bid for the 2020 Games.

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