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Cash lure for speedsters

A juicy financial carrot has been dangled in front of South Africa’s leading road runners in the next few months.

Athletics SA (ASA) have teamed up with the National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund to stage the SA half-marathon championships and the national 10km championships in July and August respectively.

The 21.1 kilometre event will be run in Port Elizabeth on Saturday, July 24 and the speedsters will tackle each other over 10km in Paarl on Saturday, August 14.

In Port Elizabeth, the national marks held by Hendrick Ramaala (1hr 7sec set in Kosice, Slovakia on October 4, 1997) and Elana Meyer (1:06.44 clocked in Tokyo, Japan on January 15, 1999) both carry a R50┬á000 prize should the first athlete in the men’s and women’s competitions rewrite the record books.

And, based on last year’s IAAF half marathon Top 50 statistics, the first male SA athlete to dip under 1:00.20 and the first female runner from SA to clock a time faster than 1:09.37, will receive R50┬á000 each.

Besides these exciting incentives, the first male and female athlete in the open category to cross the finish line will collect R5000 each.

The second placed male and female athlete will take home R4000 each respectively, with the bronze medallists each getting R3500.

The flat one-lap course through the streets of Motherwell, in the Friendly City, is expected to be perfectly suited to fast performances.

The day’s programme will consist of 21.1km wheelchair race (7am start), SA Half-marathon Championships (7.15am start), 5km fun run (7.30am start). Prize giving will take place at 10.30am.


  1. Road Runner

    June 3, 2010 at 10:55 am

    This is a great initiative by the leadership of ASA. However, I still have concerns….

    My concern is that when Hendrik Ramaala ran those times, he did so in an event packed with Kenyans and Ethiopians. Clearly you don’ t expect any of these boys to run those kind of times here in SA.

    The same goes for the time that Elana Meyer ran.

    Why not incentivise the athletes based on the best performances ran in South Africa?

    Both athletes also had pacesetters in their events which made it much easier for them to run.

    I suggest you get a few Zimbabwean and Lesotho athletes to run as pace setters. (ASA must also bear the cost hereof).

    Now that is fair on the athletes.

  2. Track Enthusiast

    June 3, 2010 at 3:20 pm

    Exactly roadie…clearly ASA does not have the input of the top coaches because they are not consulting them but exclude them from major decisions – I stand to be corrected of this is not the case but that is what it seems like to me as I have not heard of any coaches forum recently.

    You seem to know your athletics well road runner I must take my hat off to you. If you work with athletes then you know that there must be the correct environment or athmosphere the correct incentive and the best pace-making plan for the athletes in order to for them to get fast times. You don’t just wake up put a carrot in place and expect the athletes to get the times.

    Well said Road man or girl whoever you are

  3. Road Mogul

    June 7, 2010 at 10:18 pm

    Another way of doing it, could be to devide all the money and have a top 10 prize list.

    Imagine athletes prepare for months and months for this event, without getting a sent out of it.

    It will kill the interest in athletes running National championship events…. Road running is the most damaging discipline in athletics. Therefore, it must be rewarding.

    The times you require to offer just R50000 compared to international events with the same required times… you are making a huge mistake and athletes may end up quitting these events in lieu of international or other road running events.

    Please don’t kill road running as you have killed track and field and the already dead cross country!!!!!!!!!

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