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Sam: Respect processes

South African’s Olympic governing body SASCOC on Friday played down reports calling for Athletics South Africa to hold “immediate elections” for a new board to run the sport.

This in response to the South African Athletes’ Commission (SAAC) statement calling for SASCOC to remove the interim board and for a permanent ASA executive to be elected.

SASCOC board member and veteran sports administrator Ray Mali and an interim board has been running the affairs of Athletics South Africa since November after the suspension of ASA president Leonard Chuene and other employees over the handling of the Caster Semenya affair. A forensic audit of ASA was also commissioned.

Mali was initially appointed for six-months but his tenure has been extended until disciniplary hearings are completed.

SASCOC president Gideon Sam on Friday said: “The democratic processes with ASA must be respected.

“It was not SASCOC who decided to postpone the elections, but ASA’s regions. These same regions must overturn that decision if a majority vote that way.”

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  1. James

    May 22, 2010 at 2:46 am

    Dear Mr Sam

    Unfortunately, that was not the case. The provinces did not decide, but Mr Mali took out a document stating the terms of reference to of the appointment of him and the board.

    He basically suggested that elections be posponed.

    Herewith some other concerns:
    They appointed a financial manager, but the position was never advertised.

    Mr Vinesh, your employee apparently gave a financial report, which was verbal. Delegates asked for the written report to be circulated and he agreed. To date, no report circulated to provinces.

    The events this year was terribly organized, event after event. No post mortems done on the events, no post mortem done on the season. With the above in mind, the next season will not be better.

    ASA is full of controversy. A new board must be elected, the office must be beefed up with profesionals… LRA must be followed strictly.
    Get rid of the politicians… Richard Stander and co. he has a business (partner of a company that does results).

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