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Win, loss for twins at UJ

An action-packed 800-metre race was the highlight of the Yellow Pages Series track and field meeting at the University of Johannesburg on Wednesday.

The Phalula twins dominated the race in more ways than one — Lebogang took line honours in a race that saw twin sister Lebo disqualified for obstruction.

In a race best remembered for flying elbows and aggression deluxe, Lebogang went on to win in 2min 04.59sec after there was no way through on the inside of the track for Maphaseka Makhanya who had to settle for second (2:06.21).

The in-form Rene Kalmer, who ended third in 2:07.05, found the route to the front of the nine-person field extremely tough as Lebo seemed reluctant to allow athletes other than her and her twin sister to set the pace.

With Kalmer set to take to the track for 1500m action at the fifth and penultimate Yellow Pages Series meeting at Coetzenburg, Stellenbosch in the Western Cape on Tuesday, March 30, fans could be in for a treat if as expected the Phalula twins make the trip as well.

Meanwhile Estie Wittstock had fond memories of the stadium where she made her name earlier in her career, as she powered her way to a double victory in the 100m (11.75) and 200m (23.66).

Potchefstroom sprinter Simon Magakwe, defended his national 100m title in Durban last weekend and also found the blue tartan surface to his liking on Wednesday as he clocked 10.35 to take the men’s 100m honours, while Rikenette Steenkamp showed a brisk turn of speed over the 100m hurdles, winning in 13.61.

Kalmer’s younger sister, Christine, took third in the women’s 3,000m, clocking 9:46.1 behind winner Irvette van Blerk (9:46.1) and Thozama April (9:51.3).

In the men’s shot put Tuks giant Roelie Potgieter was the only competitor to clear the 19m barrier when he threw 19.02. Likewise LJ Van Zyl was the only competitor to break the 50sec barrier in the 400m hurdles, his win coming in a time of 49.45sec.


  1. Junior

    March 25, 2010 at 12:21 pm

    Why is there nothing on the ASA website??????
    Is there any other source where information on the YP can be found? Am i missing something?
    The next YP is in Stellenbosch – any info on the meeting (items, athletes…….) ?????

  2. athlete

    March 25, 2010 at 2:33 pm

    Junior,……… I feel your frustration…. Now these people retrenched the communications officer. I am told that she was not allowed to attend meetings. How could she report on events if she is not allowed to be at track and field meets.

    Athletics is going down the drains!!!! Why must we look for information on this website???

  3. Junior

    March 25, 2010 at 3:18 pm

    What?!! Aagh no! Communication is a function, if you fire the person the function MUST still be performed – ASA get real please! Pretty soon YP is gonna get fed up with these losers and the athletes will bare the brunt – once again.

  4. Richard

    March 25, 2010 at 4:10 pm

    The Communications Manager has been sidelined for some time now. Rumour has it that the seconded boy will be doing her job….. Just imagine you fire somebody due to financial constraints and the next minute you employ somebody else!

  5. Jomo & Noluthando

    March 26, 2010 at 9:22 am

    How sick is ASA Administration!!!! They are really disgusting. How do you really suck someone whose function is so important? Oh, by the way the boy who will do the Communications Manager’s job. Pathetic! Anyway, that’s ASA/SASCOC for you. Some of us who have been in the industry for sometime we know how dirty these people are!

    • Mark Etheridge

      March 26, 2010 at 9:31 am

      Hi guys, thanx for the valued comments and input

      From what I’m led to believe the current communications manager was thinking of continuing with her studies and now ASA have co-opted, from another company, another communications/media person to help with these things. Apparently he has long been involved with swimming/athletics media duties, so hopefully he can add his expertise. And I also hear that his input will not be costing ASA anything financially. Hope this helps clear things up

      Mark Etheridge
      Managing Editor: Road to London 2012

  6. Wes

    March 26, 2010 at 10:17 am

    I don’t want to even get involved in this conversation. Might say something out of line.
    But if you’re looking for regular athletics updates, Mark Ouma updates his wesbite with the YP results.
    His site is
    He also sends updates to the IAAF website (
    Those are the only other two sites I know of that carry the results within a reasonable time period after the events.
    Very sad there are no other sources on the web to keep us in the loop with how our athletes are doing.
    They compete overseas and we don’t even hear about it. We need a dedicated athletics website that will keep us up to date with how the athletes are doing in their training, racing, etc.

  7. Sprinter

    March 26, 2010 at 10:33 am

    Hi Mark & others, ok I get you. But, why the sideling? Why the boy has been hanging around with ASA bodies in most events? Let me tell you something. People are not naive and they know a lot more than you and others think! Let me tell you what ASA bodies are saying to protect the whole situation. They are crying studies, financial constrains, and every other excuse. The lates, another pathetic lie that is already doing the rounds is that ASA administrator is getting rid of comms manager becasue she is a pedi therefore is a chuene person, and that at the same time she gave info to SASCOC and the media to suck the former staff. How contradictory. ASA administrator could not prove this to his board. In every meet that I had attended the boy and his team are already saying the Comms Manager had left ASA offices! And they have been told by ASA administrators. I think people should be very honest and is time they tell the Comms Manager the truth before somebody does!

  8. Anonymous

    March 26, 2010 at 11:07 am




  9. Wes

    March 27, 2010 at 8:28 am

    During Chuene’s reign, the comms manager was left at home while Chuene’s PA got a free trip to Berlin as a “team manager”.
    Now that he’s gone (or almost gone) we are still not getting much from the comms manager because she’s not allowed to do her job.
    The comms manager should be at every ASA event. It’s the only way they will get decent media coverage.
    Why, then, is she left at home to “man the office” (even over a weekend?) while the boy in question, who doesn’t even work for ASA, does her job.
    If the comms manager is on the way out, they shouldn’t be discussing the future of her career behind her back.
    If they believe someone else is better for the job, they should grow a backbone and tell her that, then give her the boot.
    She’ll get to work one day and the boy in question will be sitting at her desk. It’s absurd.
    You can’t simply fire someone in this country. There are certain steps that need to be followed, and talking about someone behind their back isn’t one of them.
    If the folks at the ASA office think they can unfairly push her out and weasle someone else in, they need to understand two things:
    1. Comms manager might not have friends in high places, but she still has friends.
    2. Those friends won’t sit idly by while people destroy her career. I’m one of them.

  10. Harold

    March 28, 2010 at 10:06 am

    Wes, I suport your comments. If you look at her work, the media releases published on the ASA website, you will see that it is excellent writing. How on earth can they leave her to be at the office when there are events taking place. She should be at each and every event to do the coverage. Mark, you are lead to believe that she is going to study… That is crazy!!! Nobody starts studying this time of the year. So clearly that is a lie. They should focus on ensuring that events run smoothly. They want televised events, by they lack event management skills. Almost all events run late week after week, including the National champs.

    I want to see what is goint to happen in Boland…. The province of the 30year experienced Richard Stander who are being flown up an down by ASA to assist in the office…..

  11. Harold

    March 28, 2010 at 10:13 am

    The yellow page event taking place will be a mess again! Oh, Dr Harold Adams, the doctor involved in the Semenya debarcle has apparently made himself available for the position of ASA President. I suggest we wait for the Germiston yellow page events. That will be events to watch. CGA knows how to organize events.

  12. Antie Stander

    August 5, 2010 at 9:22 pm

    There must be something like toooo much experience – it is a fact that some people, like Richard Stander, catch some sort of an “arrogance virus”. I forgive him with all my heart, BUT please, just get him out of ASA – the harm is just too much to calculate. Do something for the sake of a wonderful sport!

  13. Dingizwe Manyaka

    September 5, 2010 at 11:47 am

    Mark, let me give you a tip and it might help your Richard, Paul has compromised the whole Mali mission of getting Ethel out of the office, he has given valuable information away and Ethel will use it against ASA and everybody else involved, conversations that Paul had in his excitement that Ethel will be kicked out, nicely so, damn, they miscalculated, She has them on tape, Star has them and her lawyers.

    Its becoming a very interesting kinda satuation here, if your friend Richard is not careful, blood will spill on his face and the coneiving Mali will think that he will go scot free, no ,no, that is not the case, it will never be, after all this, do you know who will be laughing? CHUENE, Mali has picked a wrong victim in Ethel, and I can guarantee you, it has just started. let the games begin.

    Paul was not co-opted, it was a strategic move by Mali for securing the Nedbank sponsor, in his own words(Paul) that is recorded and in Ethel’s position, lets see how they are to defend that at the CCMA or Labour Court as they are preparing to challenge the Arbitration award, lot of Information in that tape is damning. SASCOC is not as innocent as they are pretending to be, their time is coming, how can they claim not to be aware of Ethel’s suspension? How can Mali give wrong statement about Ethel leaving the office out of her accord, when he knows he had malicious intentions, if you and the country think Chuene is a liar, wait until you and the country knows who RAY MALI is, I told you, Chuene will be laughing, we are watching very closely and carefully the way these is not for public eyes,yours only.

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