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Top honours for Carr, Taylor

Gareth Carr and Kathleen Taylor are the 2009 South African men’s and women’s players of the year.

They were named at the South African Hockey Association’s annual awards in Durban.

Carr, who plays for KwaZulu-Natal Coastal received the John Marquard award and Western Province’s Taylor, the Ros Howell Award.

Other awards made for excellence in the 2009 season:

Sheila Brown Award ÔÇ£ Under 21 Women’s Player of the YearÔÇØ: Hanli Hattingh (Western Province)
Lennie Botha Award ÔÇ£Under 21 Men’s Player of the YearÔÇØ: Timothy Drummond (KZN Coastal)
Dave Carr Award ÔÇ£Under 18 Girl’s Player of the YearÔÇØ: Cindy Tregoning (Southern Gauteng)
Peter Vieyra Award ÔÇ£Under 18 Boy’s Player of the YearÔÇØ: Clinton Panther (KZN Inland)
Steve & Linda Jaspan Award ÔÇ£Coach of the YearÔÇØ:
Brendon Carolan
ÔÇ£MalikÔÇØ Umpire of the Year: Michelle Joubert

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