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Power struggle continues

The tug-of-war in South African athletics continues this week as SASCOC, South Africa’s Olympic governing body, attempt to sort out the running of the sport.

Veteran cricket administrator and SASCOC board member Ray Mali moved in to to Athletics South Africa headquarters on Monday with some resistance from general manager Motlatelo Malehopo, who at first appeared to accept the move but then later returned and had to be escorted off the premises, necessitating the changing of the locks at the venue.

One of Mali’s first moves has been to call a meeting of all the provincial members of ASA at Olympic House in Johannesburg on Saturday where it is planned to elect an interim council to run athletics.

But embattled and suspended ASA chairperson Leonard Chuene has himself called a special ASA members’ meeting in Kempton Park also for Saturday to discuss SASCOC’s alleged interference, as well as the leadership of ASA.

Richard Stander of Boland Athletics does not expect Chuene to stand back as he was voted in by ASA and will remain chairperson until voted out. Stander told News24 that he believes Chuene is conveniently not disclosing what was decided at an ASA members’ meeting in Kempton Park on 24 September.

ÔÇ£It was not just that Chuene and ASA’s executive council have full support. It was also decided that ASA will co-operate if any investigation follows Chuene’s lies and ASA’s handling of the Caster Semenya issue,ÔÇØ he said. ÔÇ£Now it is not happening. It comes down to Chuene and his supporters defying an official council decision.ÔÇØ

Stander also pointed out that SASCOC were the highest authority in South African sport and that they work together with Government.

Tubby Reddy, SASCOC CEO, emphasied that a breakaway was the last thing SASCOC wanted. ÔÇ£All we want to do is to bring an end to the chaos in South African athletics, so that it can benefit athletes and coaches,ÔÇØ he said.


  1. Track Enthusiast

    November 18, 2009 at 4:56 pm

    It’s time for the real players to stand up and be counted. That’s a hot seat – and requires someone that has the interest of the sport ahead of other needs.

    If people this is job then have surprise coming their way. This is more than a job, it’s a responsibilty that requires someone with integrity and can ride the wave of political interference from the power struggle of those loyal to the members that are currently suspended and the rest of the provinces in South Africa.

    It requires someone that is focussed on delivering athletics to South Africa and the World. Drawing on the resources of all people irrespective of their colour or ethnicity and making full use of all the intellectual resource available within the sport and the corporate World to make Athletics an exciting sport that enjoys the same following locally as the Rugby, Cricket and Football…

    We need to go back to the basics!

  2. Road Runner

    November 18, 2009 at 7:37 pm

    Track Enthusiast

    I wounder when we are going to get a Cross Country Enthusiast joining us.

    On a more serious note, I echo your sentiment. This is not a job as Leonard Chuene perceived it to be. It was never a job, but he turned it into a job.

    People need to understand that to be in that hot seat, you need to be passionate about athletics. Indeed, the political interference will be a factor, but it needs to be handled and it comes with the position.

    Once again, you could not have said it any better, lets go back to the basics. There is no way that a sponsor is not interested in Athletics. It is the only sport that has brought back medals from the olympic games in South Africa.

    Why did you think Nedbank stayed on for such a long time. The got so much mileage/tv coverage out of the Caster Semenya or wait, Leonard Chuene issue. Not sure if the CEO/GM Molatelo know the value NEDBANK and YELLOW PAGES got out of the deal.

    Both these companies need to pay Athletics for all the mileage they got. In fact, every time Leonard opened his mouth, they got coverage.

    SASCOC should deal with those provincial structures that will be attending the Kempton Park meeting.

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