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Burry gets a big buzz

By Mark Etheridge

Global cycling stars Burry Stander and Andy Schleck slugged it out in Spain last week, with honours ending even.

KwaZulu-Natal’s Stander was recently crowned World Under-23 Mountain Bike Cross-country Champion in Australia while Luxembourg’s Schleck finished runner-up in this year’s Tour de France road epic.

The two took part in a specially organised event, arranged by their sponsors, Specialized, and the race went down in Madrid, Spain.

Said Stander: “We raced each other up the Nevetherada Mountain. The first run up saw me going up the 9km mountain bike trail while Andy was on the 12.5km road route. We started and finished at the same place.

“After a climb of 36 odd minutes I crossed the line some 40 seconds behind Andy. Next up it was my turn on the road bike and Andy tackled the trail on an S-Works Epic. I managed to edge a good gap which I was chuffed about as Andy finished second in this year’s Tour de France and needs no introduction.”

Schleck also had a great time.┬á “As you would expect we both dominated our disciplines but I had a great time on the mountain bike. I do a bit of it during the winter here in Luxembourg but it’s been a while since I’ve been on a mountain bike. It was a lot of fun.

Stander also had time for some “down-time”.

“One of the sponsors got us some awesome tickets for the European Championship match between Real Madrid and AC Milan and the game was incredible. It was both mine and Andy’s first live soccer match!”

Stander then flew back to South Africa to test out the new Karkloof trails and now focuses on the OFM Classic in Bloemfontein at the weekend.

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